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Home Gossip American Journalist Cari Champion Opens up About Dating Black Man: Also know her Past Affairs

American Journalist Cari Champion Opens up About Dating Black Man: Also know her Past Affairs

Sabina Gartaula Sun Feb, 2018
American Journalist Cari Champion Opens up About Dating Black Man: Also know her Past Affairs

Cari Champion is a TV personality and broadcast journalist based in the United States. She is best known for serving as a reporter and anchor on Tennis Channel.

She also hosts First Take which airs on ESPN2. She was a huge fan of the show even appearing on the show. Cari, who is big basketball fan majored in English and minored in mass communication from University of California, Los Angeles

Born in June of 1975, the 42-year-old is a very conservative person and tries to keep her life as confidential as possible. However in late 2017, during a podcast interview, she shared her experiences about dating black men versus dating white men. 


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Today, we are going to share some information about her preference for white men and her love life. 

Cari Champion talks about her experience dating white, and black men 

In late 2017, during a podcast interview, the TV personality shared that she preferred dating white men over black men. The interview started out with random questions about dating and love life. Just a few seconds into the podcast, a bomb of a question was dropped on her about the experience of dating outside her race.


She openly shared that she had dated a white man, and also said that she had no problem with it. However, later on, she clarified that at the stage of her life she preferred dating a black man but, back in the day she used to date white men.

She said:

But I kind of dated a while and I saw a guy that was white and I was like he is corny as hell. Like I'm not fooling with him. But what it is that much like they say about us, there is not that struggle. 

She shared that there were no games while dating a white man and that it was easier compared to black men. Talking about how black men felt about dating in their race, she said,

It's not right, but you do feel that way. Why do you feel that way? I don't know. I don't have the answer yet. 

Nonetheless, her preference for a white man was only a thing of the past, and she shared that she would be much happier dating in her race at this time of her life. 

Is Cari Champion single? Who is she currently dating?

As mentioned above, Cari is a very conservative person and shares as little as possible when it comes to her personal life. The tall, gorgeous TV host is indeed very hard working. The hard work might be the reason why she is single. 

Watch Cari on First Take

Yes, people, Cari is currently single and is trying to focus on her career more than anything. There are no rumors about her being in a relationship nor has she been captured with a man in public during a date or meet.

Likewise, there are no pictures of her with another man on her social media. She also has not claimed to be in love or stated someone to be her beau. 


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However, there are rumors that she was in a relationship with fellow TV personality Stephen A. Smith in the past. As you would expect, there is no in-depth detail about the relationship but sources claim that the duo started dating after they met on the set of a show. 

Neither of the parties has spoken on the topic. So it is still a mystery if they actually dated or not. 

But we hope that she soon finds the man of her life and decided to tie the knot with him.