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Home Gossip 6 Facts About Canadian Ice Hockey Player Sidney Crosby That You Need To Know

6 Facts About Canadian Ice Hockey Player Sidney Crosby That You Need To Know

Mahammad Arsad shekh Sun Jun, 2017
6 Facts About Canadian Ice Hockey Player Sidney Crosby That You Need To Know

Sidney Crosby is the among the players who has been able to successfully break numerous records in the history of hockey. Because of his remarkable achievement, Sidney Crosby is considered as one of the biggest names in hockey.

Well, there is a lot about the player, however, here we are going to reveal 6 most surprising facts about the player that will leave you thinking about him all night.

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1) A History Buff

Meanwhile, while graduating as a history student at Southern New Hampshire University, Sidney Crosby successfully made his love for hockey come true with 28 goals and 84 points, making it one of his top scores in his career.

Professional Ice hockey player Sidney Crosby

Professional Ice hockey player Sidney Crosby

Source: NFL

The player apparently developed his interest in history while volunteering at a local hospital for veterans while he was still a teenager

In this regard, Sidney Crosby once said;

A lot of guys didn't want to talk about (their service) as much. But there were some guys who loved talking about it. It was pretty interesting.

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2) An Old Soul

When media asked about Sidney Crosby to his sister, Taylor Crosby, she called him "an old soul".

Regarding this, a source said;

He's not on Twitter, wishes he still carried a Palm Treo smartphone and does his own grocery shopping — he loves the idea of finding new, healthy foods.

We all need to look at Sidney's father, Troy Crosby to learn how he gets this quality. Actually, his father is the inspiration for him. Recalling his past Sidney once said what his father Troy used so say him as a child;

We're creatures of habit. If you like something, you stick with it. You don't just change for the sake of changing.

 Well said, isn't it?

3) Have A Real Sweet Tooth

Seems like food is his real weakness!

No matter what his profession is, the Pittsburgh Penguins star almost goes crazy everytime he has the delicious food served in front of him. Sidney loves to have the fast foods, pizza, cakes, donuts at the expensive restaurants rather than the home made dishes.

In one of her interviews, Sidney said;

I like my sweets, and I like the odd cheat meal more than I should: fast food, pizza, cake … donuts, too, I crush (Tim Hortons') Timbits when I can. Just think of the worst things for you, I like them.

Hmm! It sounds really delicious!

4) Not Interested In Being A Coach At NHL Level

There is no doubt that hockey will always be a part of the life for Sidney Crosby. But Numbered 87, Sidney once told that he won't be following the paths of previous legends like Steve Yzerman, Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy who later in their career worked as a coach.

Actually, He said;

I don't know if I want to be involved in the NHL necessarily, but I'd like to be involved in hockey in some capacity, I don't think I would want to be a head coach. I don't think I would want to be a GM, at least as of today, but I'd want to be involved in hockey. … I like the developmental side.

This might be disheartening for the player who would like to be coached by Sidney in the future.

5) No More Amature

From normal kid practicing hockey in a basement, Sidney has eventually grown up into a famous professional in the ice hockey arena

Professional hockey player Sidney Crosby

Professional hockey player Sidney Crosby

Source: wikipedia

Crosby has always been the highly regarded draft picks in the hockey history. He is now a professional and through his dedication, Sidney is also the winner of numerous awards such as 2005 Draft Lottery, Calder Memorial Trophy, Hart Memorial Trophy,  Art Ross Trophy and much more.

6) Sidney Crosby Injured by Matt Niskanen

In April 2017, aged 29, Sidney Crosby was injured after he received a cross-check from Matt Niskanen to the head Washington Capitals defenseman. According to head coach Mike Sullivan, Sidney was diagnosed with an injury and missed his next game.

Sidney skated off the ice slowly and his left leg appeared to bend in an awkward manner. Here's a tweet in which you can see it clearly.

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