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Home Gossip Who is Scottysire dating with? Is he a gay?

Who is Scottysire dating with? Is he a gay?

Richa Tue Mar, 2016
Who is Scottysire dating with? Is he a gay?

Popular video creator mostly in comic form, Scotty Sire is popular with his application vine in YouTube. Scotty is currently living in California has over 2 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel.

Along with his rising fame, Scotty Sire's personal life has also the concern of many, especially girls. So, fans are curious to know if Scotty is dating his girlfriend, what is his relationship status? However, some sources claim Scotty to be gay. Let's know the truth.

Is Scotty Sire a Gay?

Scotty Sire was born on 1, 1992, to a Lebanese mother who also appeared within a few of his Vine videos. He has 4 siblings: Davey, Kevin, Lukas, and Dorian Davey. 

And talking about his gay rumors, Scotty indeed depicts himself as gay on his Vines, however, in reality, he is not reported to be gay.

As reported, during the very early beginning of his career of Scotty he used to work in the construction site along with his father, and now his dedication has earned him not only a handsome amount of cash but also a lover.

Yeah, Scotty has got a girlfriend which has crushed the rumors of him being gay for good.

Who is Scotty Sire's Girlfriend? 

Really it's true that the affection to the same thing heads the stronger relationship bond than any other, which seems to fit right in for Scotty Sire. 

Scotty Sire is indeed dating his lovely girlfriend who is none other than Kristen McAtee, a YouTuber. As reported, Scotty and Kristen are dating since 2016 and till now, the couple is going strong in their relationship.

CAPTION: Scotty Sire and Kristen McAtee SOURCE: Pinterest

Kristen McAtee is a 23-year-old American Personality, born on March 28, 1995

The couple has not talked about taking their relationship to another level or say getting engaged meanwhile. And as for a fact, both of them are free from past affairs too.

We wish them the best for further.

Scotty Sire's Becomes Favorite of 2 Million

Yeah, it not an easy task to get famed and become the favorite of all in an instant, it needs dedication and time. Scotty got over 2 million subscriptions in May 2015 on his YouTube channel. 

In 2014, Scotty Sire signed with Viral Nation and can be seen making vines in collaboration with Darius BensonGabrielle Hanna, and his former roommate, Gary Rojas.

Scotty Sire has a very good and commanding voice. He loves changing his looks and appearances time and again along with his unique style of presentation. Scotty Sire states himself as a very lucky man because he made his family proud and made his mother’s wish come true. Scotty Sire has also never seen any affair in his life neither has disclosed he his girlfriends. A few years, he was alleged to have an affair with his high school classmate but the did last for long.

Currently, he is very busy gaining popularity with his videos and giving adequate time to them.