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Home Gossip ABC's Anchor David Muir Rumored Gay, Rumored Boyfriend Gio Benitez Married In 2016

ABC's Anchor David Muir Rumored Gay, Rumored Boyfriend Gio Benitez Married In 2016

Mahammad Arsad shekh Sun Feb, 2023
ABC's Anchor David Muir Rumored Gay, Rumored Boyfriend Gio Benitez Married In 2016

One of the unexpected news became viral all over the world, ABC's anchor David Muir is rumored to be gay as he was once heard to be in a relationship with his co-worker Gio Benitez. But recently the story that amazed millions of their fans is that Gio Benitez got married to a menswear blogger as well as an actor Tommy DiDario.

Is it true that David Muir is gay? Was he dating Gio Benitez? Along with these, there arises a lot of questions regarding the duo's personal life which has been engrossing the mind of their fans and made them curious a lot. Don't worry, here we are going to clear all of your queries. Just stay with us.

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Is David Muir a Gay? Explore his relationship with Gio Benitez

With his handsome and dashing personality, we know that the girls are crazy for him. A lot of girls wished to become David Muir's life partner until a few years ago when their wish was shattered as ABC’s anchor David Muir was reported to be gay.

It was unacceptable for his fans until David Muir further revealed his relationship with his co-worker Gio Benitez. As the couple was seen holding hands in public and caught while going to gay bars. The news of David Muir dating Gio Benitez became so viral that it broke the internet.

After facing the rumors for several years, their fans got something to talk about. Here comes the marriage of Gio Benitez. Looks like we need to wait for some, to find out whether David Muir is really gay or not.

Gio got married to Marries Tommy DiDario in Miami

After facing gay rumors for years along with David Muir, the famous ABC News reporter started dating a menswear blogger named Tommy DiDario and soon tied the knot to become a married couple.

For the first time, the couple met through a social media Instagram in January 2015 and subsequently decided to meet for a drink. Their chemistry was too instant that the couple started dating each other just after that meeting.

Happily married gay couple Gio  Benitez and Tommy DiDario

Happily married gay couple Gio  Benitez and Tommy DiDario

Source: Pinterest

After dating each other for about eight months, Gio finally proposed to Tommy asking to marry him. Gio proposed to Tommy in Paris with the Eiffel Tower as their backdrop in a way that is undoubtedly every girl’s dream.

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"Time is what's left behind in the wake of love."

A post shared by Gio Benitez (@giobenitez) on  

This picture was captured by a secret photographer whom Gio already hired to capture the most memorable moment of their life. Gio uploaded this picture on his Instagram profile in which he said "Time is what's left behind in the wake of love”, he looks proposing to Tommy dropping on one knee.


Heaven ??

A post shared by Tommy DiDario (@tommydidario) on  

Along with this Gio Benitez has shared a lot of other memorable moments together with his husband Tommy DiDario on various social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

As soon as Gio proposed to Tommy, the lifestyle blogger accepted the proposal and the couple soon decided to get married to each other.

Gio Benitez got married to Tommy DiDario on 16 April 2016, after several months of their engagement. The marriage was held on Saturday in front of more than 160 guests including their close friends at Walton House in Miami.

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The couple is leading a happy married life maintaining both personal and professional life with lots of love. Through their impressive work, they are able to earn millions of fans and we think none of their fans has any objection to their gay relationship.

We wish all the very best for their future.

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