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Home Gossip ABC's gay anchor David Muir is not dating Gio Benitez; Has a New Boyfriend

ABC's gay anchor David Muir is not dating Gio Benitez; Has a New Boyfriend

Ashmita Karki Wed Jun, 2022
ABC's gay anchor David Muir is not dating Gio Benitez; Has a New Boyfriend

We can’t deny the fact that 1973-born David Jason Muir is an excellent-looking American journalist and the anchor of ABC World News Tonight. 5 feet 11 inches tall David has an attractive face, an appealing personality, and an amazing physique too.

But the ABC journalist who has never been reported to have any affairs or relationships has often been suspected to be gay. Well, let's find out if the journalist is really gay or if is it just a rumor floating around on the internet. Also, is it possible that he is secretly dating a girlfriend or is married?

David Muir Gay Rumors, Love Affairs, And Relationship: Is He Gay?

This handsome guy David definitely has girls going crazy for him but seems like the ABC journalist has a different taste. David, who is an American journalist and the anchor of ABC's World News Tonight with David Muir, says he has a signature selfie face in pictures with fans: three-quarters toward the camera, with a slightly pouty smile. Muir in an interview said he believes his head looks three times the size even though it is not.

Gay rumored ABC Journalist David Muir

Gay rumored ABC Journalist David Muir. Source: Syracuse

Many women’s wish to be David Muir‘s girlfriend and get married to him was shattered a few years ago when ABC’s anchor David Muir apparently came out of the closet. The news of David Muir dating Gio Benitez went viral and broke the internet then as this couple was seen holding hands in public and going to gay bars together. Although they came out openly and never accepted their gay relationship, they were concluded to be in a relationship.

Despite dating each other for many years, this former couple David and Gio is no longer together. The reason behind their breakup hasn’t been disclosed yet. Neither do we have any information regarding when did they break up?

However, Gio Benitez married lifestyle blogger Tommy DiDario in 2015 after Benitez proposed to DiDario on the Eiffel Tower in September 2015.

Who Is David Muir Dating After Breaking Up With Gio Benitez?

Since David broke up with Gio, he has tried his best to keep his relationships or affairs out of the media's eyes. Even though his fan and people close to him have suspected David of having a new boyfriend, we can’t totally confirm it as there are no strong evidence or reports regarding such false rumors.

Rumored Gay couple: David Muir and Gio Benitez

Rumored Gay Couple: David Muir and Gio Benitez. Source: DailyEntertainmentNews

It looks like his breakup with Gio followed by Gio’s marriage had a deep impact on him. This can be one of the reasons why David hasn’t been able to move on and announce publicly his dating history, his new relationships, or his boyfriend.

Well, the journalist who was recently awarded CINE Golden Eagle Award for reporting on the heroin epidemic has not clearly confirmed his sexual orientation. Let's hope he opens up about it someday.

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Is David Muir Gay? Who Is He Dating?

Besides, in July 2017, David posted an Instagram picture and also made a Tweet about a girl, Kelly Ripa that shut down all the gay rumors about him for instance. In the Twitter post, he mentioned that he loves sitting next to her and that she makes him smile. So, is he dating her? Let's find out the answers: 

Check out the tweet.

Also, check out the Instagram post:

As we have already mentioned above, is it possible David Muir has found the love of his life? We guess not as Ripa is already married. She is also a mother of three children. Ripa is on a marital bond with Mark Consuelos since 1996 and they are a happy couple.

Ripa could be a very good friend of Muir as he appreciates her beauty and talent.

David Muir's Net Worth and Salary

There's no doubt that David Muir is at the Everest of success in the world of journalism. He is one of the widely recognized journalists all over the globe and undoubtedly his fortune is no less than massive. 

The ABC World News Tonight anchor and the ABC News Magazine co-anchor, David Muir earns a massive salary of $5 million annually and has a tremendous net worth of $7 million

ABCs David Muir's Interview With President Of United States, Donald Trump

Post Donald Trump's inauguration as the 45th president of the United States, ABC's journalist, David Muir got the chance to interview the five-day-old president which can be marked as one of the most hypersensitive interviews so far.

Although the interview covered several aspects and issues in the states, the basic focus from Muir's side was issued regarding immigration- pointedly Trump's plan to construct a wall on the U.S/ Mexico border and his recent augmentation regarding the entry of Muslims into the U.S. 

Well, the full interview is right here, Check it out:

YouTube: President Trump's interview with David Muir

Ever since Donald was appointed as the president of the United States of America, he has been the talk of the town on several occasions. Likewise, the 45th president of the U.S.A. is back in the headlines!

David Muir Tweeted After President Donald Trump's Twitter Was Hacked

Recently, Donald Trump faced a blow in the face after a rouge worker, reportedly a contractor at Twitter shut down the president's Twitter account on Thursday, November 2, for 11 minutes

Over-night, people around the globe hailed the rogue worker as a "hero." A day after, David Muir tweeted on his account, that Donald Trump was cut off due to human error by a Twitter employee,  

While people around the globe are busy praising the rogue worker, legal experts are speculating the rogue worker could be accused of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

We will soon be with updates on David Muir's love life affairs and dating history. Also, let's wait for the day he confirms himself as gay in case he is.  

How Old is David Muir?

As of 2023, he is 49 years old. He was born on November 8, 1973.

Who is David Muir's husband?

David is not married nor does he has a husband but because of his rumored relationship with Gio Benitez, Gio is often misunderstood as his husband.

A Dive Into David Muir's Career 

As a journalist, David has always been the talk of the town. Be it covering the election campaign or interviewing the President of the United States, David has always stood firmly completely justifying his work. Be it with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump; the journalist has always successfully had the truth revealed to the world.

In a recent interview with Hillary Clinton, the journalist delicately had her speak her perspective on why her husband and the former President of the United States should not give up their position in the Clinton Foundation. Moreover, he also inquired her about Russian interference in the election.

Besides, he also interviewed the president of the United States Donald Trump touching on the matters of immigration plans, tax returns, etc.

Well, looking over all the recent events, David stands on the top on Television drawing over 8.276 million viewers for the week of September 26 making it the highest back in 17 years in ABC history, and all the credit goes to David Muir and his team.

With such a successful ongoing career in journalism, David Muir must be financially successful, if not regarding married, relationships, affairs, and datings. So how much are his salary and net worth? Just keep on scrolling to know.



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