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Home Gossip Actress Hilarie Burton Pregnant With A Baby Girl With Her Husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Details

Actress Hilarie Burton Pregnant With A Baby Girl With Her Husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Details

Ashmita Karki Sun Nov, 2017
Actress Hilarie Burton Pregnant With A Baby Girl With Her Husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Details

The Walking Dead's star Jeffrey Dean Morgan had to make a serious explanation when he unintentionally revealed that he and his gorgeous girlfriend, American movie and TV star, Hilarie Burton, are going to have a girl as their baby no.2. Isn’t it such exciting news? It looks like Morgan and his partner are so excited that they can barely hold it inside them. Relatable!

Well, keep reading to find out what actually happened and how Morgan handled it:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan reveals the gender of his second baby

On 24th September 2014, Morgan mistakenly happened to spill the news about their yet-to-be-born baby’s gender while he attended the Supernatural Convention held in New Jersey. Even though it made us super happy, it seemed like Morgan was quite afraid to realize how his lover would react.


Later, he took to Instagram to let his followers know that he had to apologize to Burton. He posted a photo taken by a fan and wrote in the caption that the captured moment shall be cherished. The 51-year-old star further wrote:

'I texted @hilarieburton right after I spilled the little girl beans... and, as usual... she was a rockstar. After all these years she's come to expect me to be a dope... thank god she gets it, and loves me regardless.'

Hilarie Burton children and pregnancy news

The news about Burton’s pregnancy firsts came out at the 2017 Emmy Awards after she came out flaunting her baby bump. It was later confirmed by Burton's boyfriend’s representative that they pair were expecting their second child.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan kissing Hilarie Burton

Jeffrey Dean Morgan kissing Hilarie Burton

Source: Daily mail

You might be delighted to know that Burton and her husband is already a parent of a 7-year-old son Augustus. Burton gave birth to baby Gus in 2010

Are Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan married?

While there are rumors that say that the pair got hitched somewhere in 2014, it’s entirely a hoax. Morgan and Burton are not yet married because of their busy schedule. Morgan said it in an interview with The Philippine Daily Inquirer, and he further added that the pair will tie the knot right after he gets enough time off his busy work.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan partner Hilarie Burton and Son Augustus Morgan ( Walking Dead Negan):

We understand how the couple’s busy professional life is shaping their relationship. But honestly, we don’t believe that getting married will invite any changes in their affair as they are already happy with each other and are doing pretty well. We hope Hilarie Burton and her spouse Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s relationship will stay as it is forever. We would like to congratulate for their yet-to-be-born baby girl.

Did you know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan's net worth is $8 million? Well, you know it now!