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Home Gossip After having two children why did Courtney Friel divorce Carter Evans? Will she get married again?

After having two children why did Courtney Friel divorce Carter Evans? Will she get married again?

Rabina Koirala Sun Jul, 2016
After having two children why did Courtney Friel divorce Carter Evans? Will she get married again?

Divorce has become way too common with people nowadays. It may be because people are expecting more or that they are compromising for less. Whatever the reason is, divorce is unwanted. 

Our hot and sexy news anchor for KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, Courtney Friel, agrees. Divorce sucks. She has been through a divorce in 2016 after more than a decade of being married to CBS news anchor Carter Evans. 36 years old Friel has been sharing her displeasure in having to have had divorced her husband.

The relationship between Courtney Friel and her husband

The TV reporter Courtney Friel got married to her husband Carter Evans in 2005 but the marital relationship didn't last long as they got divorced in 2016 after 11 years of their married life.  


This must have been written for newly divorced people?! #KeepItFriel #divorcesucks #ToNewDoors #meditation

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But even after the divorce, both of these reporters have been sharing an amicable relationship. Maybe after being married to someone for 11 years, you just can’t stop being at least “friendly acquaintances”.

Friel and Evans got married in 2005 after a short dating affair. This lovely duo was loved by everyone and they seemed to be going pretty great. What might be the reason for the divorce then? The following Instagram post of Friel may help you deduce a bit further.


#LOL #KeepItFriel #SoTrue

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So was it really that Evans couldn't live up to the expectation of his wife? Was he really so "full of disappointments"? Her previous sharings of their private affair seemed to provide an insight into a happy and fulfilling family rather than a dissatisfied one.

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But maybe the photos were just facades covering their unhappy marriage. Evans seems to have become so much of a burden for Friel that she had to let go of him. However, they still are amiable. And the reason for that most probably is their kids.

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The couple has two children— a son and a daughter. The proud parents have posted numerous photos of their family online.

Maybe it is because of all her meditations, or just because she is long over her ex-husband, Friel seems pretty content with her life. Only a week after her divorce, she seemed to be enjoying her alone time on Valentines’ day.

Or was it easier to move on because she had “support” from elsewhere? Her former co-anchor Rick Folbaum, her personal trainer, and her current co-anchor seem to some as “little too friendly” with her.


Yay my work hubby is back after spending two weeks in a fancy castle! Welcome back Rick! See u @ktla5news 6,10,11pm tonight!

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Her "close friends" seem to be a positive distraction for her through this tiring time of hers. And maybe she will find solace in the arms of one of these other people someday soon. It might be easier for her to forget about Evans and get on with getting married to one of these closer acquaintances who held her and supported her throughout her ordeal.

Is something going on already? Or is something is on the verge? We will soon find out. Till then stay updated FamousStardom.