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Home Gossip Age 29, American Internet Personality Markiplier's Net Worth, Salary, And House

Age 29, American Internet Personality Markiplier's Net Worth, Salary, And House

Sabina Gartaula Wed Jul, 2018
Age 29, American Internet Personality Markiplier's Net Worth, Salary, And House

One of the most successful people on YouTube, Mark Edward Fischback, a.k.a. Markiplier, is an American born YouTube personality. With over 21 million subscribers on his channel, he can be compared to other YouTubers like PewDiePie, Lilly Singh, Shane Dawson and many others. 

Born on 28th June 1989, the 29-year-old has an estimated net worth of $10 million all thanks to his mesmerizing game-playing skills and commentary. Forbes even listed him on Top Influencers-Gaming in 2017. 

Here, we are going to share some information about his assets, salary, and properties. 

Markiplier Net Worth and Salary

As of 2018, Mark, who is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend Amy, has an estimated net worth of $10 million. However, there is still some confusion when it comes to his finance because others sources claim that his net worth is $9 million and $16 million respectively. 


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Nonetheless, Mark is a very sneaky person like every YouTuber out there when it comes revealing their income; he prefers to keep his statistics related to his earning and salary a secret. 

Speaking of salary, according to Social Blade, the YouTube personality reportedly makes $48 thousand to $768.7 thousand on a monthly basis. 

His YouTube channel has the 43rd highest numbers of subscribers, and to date, he has uploaded 4,160 videos, and in total, they have received 9.77 billion views.

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Moreover, according to the site, he also earns $576.6 thousand to $9.2 million on an annual basis. 

His primary source of income is through his YouTube channel, and he loves to share the income with others too. He is a very charitable person and donates a lot of his money to charity. He has donated thousands of dollars to charities like Child's Play, Save The Children, Game Changer, and many others. 

Markiplier Properties: Houses and Cars

Mark has never been the part of YouTube where people love to show off their assets and everything they bought. So, there is no information about the house he lives in. Even the exact location, price, and features of his home are unknown. 

Matter of fact, in 2014, he mocked the House Tour trend by uploading a parody video where he fools around and makes us laugh.

However, the information that we know about his property is that he owns a Toyota sedan and a GMC van

The price of a Toyota sedan ranges typically from $1000 to $15000. 

Likewise, his other car, GMC van has a price tag ranging from $21,880 to $73,195, which is quite expensive as compared to his sedan. 

His GMC Van in the background.


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Also, let's not forget that Mark is a gamer, and he spends millions of dollars every year to buy the latest games and gadgets.