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Home Gossip Ainsley Harriott Divorced wife Clare Fellows after Being Married for 23 Years

Ainsley Harriott Divorced wife Clare Fellows after Being Married for 23 Years

Sandip Dangal Sun Jan, 2017
Ainsley Harriott Divorced wife Clare Fellows after Being Married for 23 Years

The English chef, television presenter, and entertainer, Ainsley Harriott is a London-born celebrity. The 65 years old chef is best known for his cooking shows Can't Cook, Won't Cook, and Ready Steady Cook for the channel BBC. Ainsley Harriott was trained at Westminster Kingsway College. He later obtained an apprenticeship at Verrey's restaurant in the West End and later worked as a commis chef.

Ainsley Harriott was married to his wife Clare Fellows. Harriott spent 23 years with his wife and eventually separated from her in 2012. Want to know more about his married life? Stay with us; we are here for you.

Ainsley Harriott Married Life with wife Clare Fellows

Marriage is an essential process of life. It is easier to say we can live without marrying but, it is very difficult to live a single life. Especially in old age, when you want to talk to someone, and they ignore then you will realize the importance of having a partner.

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Ainsley Harriott also chose not to be single and included Clare Fellows, a former costume designer, in his single life in 1988 as his partner. He dated her for about a year and then got married. After getting married to Clare in 1989, he spent some quality time with his newlywed wife.

Ainsley Harriott with his ex-wife Clare Fellows

Caption: Ainsley Harriott with his ex-wife Clare Fellows  Source: Digital Spy

Harriott with his beautiful wife Clare lived a married life for 23 years. They shared a $1.40 million home in South London before they separated. They welcomed two children, a daughter Maddie23, and a son, Jimmy, 24.

Ainsley Harriott's Divorce Issues with Clare

Ainsley Harriott ended his 23 years old long relationship with his wife Clare in 2012. They are living separately for the last six years; however, they have not legally divorced yet.

In 2004, their married relationship faced a difficult situation as the reports said that Ainsley had an affair. However, the matter closed after Ainsley launched a legal battle to stop the name of his alleged mistress.

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After their separation in 2012, a spokesman said:

Following media speculation, Ainsley, and Clare confirmed that they are currently living apart. Their separation is completely amicable and, as yet, they have no definite plans for the future.

Video clip where you will see Clare Fellows husband Ainsley Harriott performing on his own show for BBC

Ainsley and Clare are still in touch but, there is a very low chance of their reunion. Ainsley is not linked with any other girl currently, but we hope he will get a good partner soon.

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Harriot frequently updated his Facebook account with pictures and videos of his recipe and food before but, since 2017, he has been inactive on his social media platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook. His professional life is very much like an open book, unlike his professional life. He shares very less information about his personal affairs on social media. 

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