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Home Gossip Alex Brooker Living with his wife Lynsey Brooker: His Disability and Children.

Alex Brooker Living with his wife Lynsey Brooker: His Disability and Children.

Chandra Rana Mon Dec, 2017

Alex Brooker, an English journalist, and comedian, known for his work on Channel 4, which has also seen veteran journalists like Tim Willcox, has proved to the world that physical disability is not a hindrance to success. Alex, who worked as the co-host of The Last Leg, is a married man living happily with his wife Lynsey Brooker.

How is the relationship between the couple going? Do they have children? Today, we will talk about the private life, marriage, and children of this popular journalist. 

Alex Brooker Married to wife Lynsey Brooker

Alex rarely reveals his personal life. Even the details about the beginning of the relationship between Alex and Lynsey are behind the curtains. But he reportedly got married to Lynsey in November 2014. Alex and Lynsey did share the photos of their marriage. Have a look at the couple below.

In Alex's tweet on November 21, 2014, he mentioned his honeymoon. 

The lovely couple Alex and Lynsey even after all these years of marriage, seems to be close to each other. They rarely make any public appearances. But when they do, they look lovely together.

Alex Brooker with his wife Lynsey Brooker

Alex Brooker's wife is Lynsey Brooker.

Source: FamousStardom

The romantic pair Alex and Lynsey is free from rumors that surround many celebrity relationships so far. In fact, they have just celebrated their third anniversary. Congratulations to the couple!

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Past Affairs and Children Of Alex and Lynden

Surprisingly, neither Alex nor Lynsey is reported to have dated anyone in the past. Which means that it was a first-time love for both of them. Moving on to their children, Alex and Lynsey Brooker are proud parents of a daughter, Daphne. They reportedly welcomed their daughter in July 2017.

The Last Leg co-host Alex Brooker

The Last Leg co-host Alex Brooker is married to Lynsey Brooker.

Source: The Independent

Details about Alex and Lynsey's daughter are yet to be revealed. Seems like the couple wants to keep their daughter away from the media. 

Alex Brooker's Disability Controversy & Struggle

Although Alex's personal and professional life has stayed unblemished so far, it is not the same when it comes to his brother. Facts became public after Alex revealed that he had private conversations with his brother, where he had talked about cheating on his girlfriend.

Alex shared the post on his Twitter describing the issue. Have a look.

Even if Alex's life looks picture-perfect now, the past was entirely different. He has said that he had to bear a lot of pain in the past due to his physical disability. Born with hand and arm deformities and a twisted right leg, Alex was warned that he could not make success on TV. But after entering Channel 4, he changed his perception of all. 

Alex Brooker talks about his disability in Leeds Trinity

Lynsey Brooker's husband Alex Brookers in Leeds Trinity. Source: Journalism week

Alex has said to the media that an operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital saved his life. After winning a position on The Last Leg, Alex shared his experiences and inspired the students of Leeds Trinity, saying:

I thought do I really want to use my disabilty to get ahead ? I thought why not? I came in a lot of critisms doing in The Jump but in no article did anyone mention I was disabled which I was pleased beacause it meant I was being judged on my own merit.

But, Alex didn't give up and now the result is in front of your eyes.



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