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Home Gossip Alison Krauss not in a Hurry to get Married after Divorce from Husband Pat Bergeson

Alison Krauss not in a Hurry to get Married after Divorce from Husband Pat Bergeson

Rabina Koirala Thu Mar, 2023

Alison Krauss has been the voice of bluegrass music for more than three decades. Her angelic voice and humble personality have made her a people favorite for a long. And she seems to have dedicated much of her time to her music; so much so that she has a very passive love life.


mage: Alison Krauss

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Alison was previously in a marital relationship with Pat Bergeson for several years, and after her divorce from her husband Pat, she hasn't tied the knot to date. Find more about her personal life. 

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Alison Krauss Married Life with Pat Bergeson

Back in 1997, when Alison Krauss and her band Union Station were at the peak of their career with a Grammy for "High Lonesome Sound", Alison was proposed for marriage by her then-boyfriend Pat Bergeson.

Image: Alison Krauss's former husband Pat Bergeson

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Country and jazz singer Patrick “Pat” Bergeson is also still active and touring with several other singers.

The duo had been dating for several years prior to that but the proposal nevertheless came as a shock to Alison and her crew too. But Alison accepted the proposal and their wedding was a private ceremony the same year. Two years into their marital affair, Alison and Pat gave birth to a child.

Alison Krauss and Pat Bergeson: Parents of a Child, Son Sam Bergeson

In July 1999, Alison gave birth to Sam, her first child with her husband Pat. In many of her interviews, Alison has openly showcased her love for her son and her music. She has explained her parenting styles that might seem a bit orthodox for some and liberal for others.

When Sam was 2 years old, Alison denied him any television because she thought them to be over-stimulating. 

Alison not getting married anytime soon

With a divorce just after four years of marital togetherness, Alison, 51, is in no hurry to get married again. After her affair with Pat, 61, ended in 2001, Alison has been focusing solely on her music and son. She has not been even in the dating pool, let alone thinking of marriage. 

She was rumored to be dating her band guitarist

In an interview after her divorce, Alison fondly spoke of her band’s guitarist Dan Tyminski.

Yes. I was having trouble sleeping again... I asked Dan Tyminski -- Union Station's guitarist -- if he wouldn't stay in the house with me. He noticed all those books (of Stephen King) and asked me if I read them. I said yes, and he said, 'Well, maybe you shouldn't.' I started sleeping better, so I guess he figured it out. Dr. Dan.'?

This had sparked rumors of their affair, but it was (and has) never been confirmed. So seems like our favorite bluegrass-country singer and musician is all for her fans.

Quick facts about Alison Kraus and Pat Bergeson:

Who are Alison Kraus and Pat Bergeson's sons?

Sam Bergeson is Alison Kraus and Pat Bergeson's son.

When was Sam Bergeson born?

Sam Bergeson was born in July 1999.

When did Alison Kraus and Pat Bergeson get divorced?

Alison Kraus and Pat Bergeson got divorced in 2001.

Is Alison Kraus dating anyone?

Alison Kraus isn't dating anyone.

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