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Home Gossip American Actress Anjelah Johnson is Living Happily with her Husband Manwell Reyes

American Actress Anjelah Johnson is Living Happily with her Husband Manwell Reyes

Chandra Rana Mon Feb, 2022
American Actress Anjelah Johnson is Living Happily with her Husband Manwell Reyes

Anjelah Johnson, the famous American actress, and producer, is best known for her Enough Said. 2013, has established a successful career. Formerly the cheerleader of the Oakland Raider, Johnson married her boyfriend Manwell Reyes, a member of the band Group 1 Crew.

Many are well aware of the professional life of Anjelah. But what about her personal life? Let us know more about the actress on FamousStardom today. 

About Anjelah and Manwell's Happy Married Life: Wedding & Marriage Date

Anjelah married her husband, Manwell, on June 11, 2011. Their wedding ceremony took place in Half Moon Bay, California, in the presence of close friends and relatives.

Anjelah and her husband, Manwell Reyes

Anjelah Johnson's husband is Manwell Reyes. Source: Pinterest

Well, it really has been more than a decade since Manwell and Anjelah's marriage and the couple is free from rumors and mishaps that follow many others in their profession. The lovely pair seems to adore each other and does not shy away from sharing their cute moments.

Even though they have successfully achieved their relationship goals, the couple is yet to become parents. They are childless so far and have not given the exact reason for remaining so all these years. Maybe, they are not ready to be parents yet.

Now let's move on to the past relationship of the couple.

How Did Anjelah Johnson and Manwell Reyes Meet?

Anjelah Johnson and Manwell reportedly met during a wedding party of their mutual friend, though they did not date immediately, given Manwell's shy nature. 

Anjelah has said,

I saw him at their wedding. You know, I was trying to make eye contact and he was not making eye contact back.

It was two years after they first met that Anjelah successfully contacted him:

I cyber shocked him and 2 year later, I got a text from Diana, ' I wannna hook you up with somebody, search him on Facebook, his name is Manwell Reyes' and as soon as I heard his name, I knew as I searched him 2 years ago.

It was only then that the couple went on their first date. A couple of dates later, they became cozy and got engaged after Manwell proposed to Anjelah on the beach. Anjelah and Manwell seem to have had awful past relationship experiences and both have spoken about it. For now, they are happy together and that's what matters.


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