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Home Gossip American Actress Jennifer Beals Marriages & Relationships With Husband Ken Dixon: Their Children & Past Affairs

American Actress Jennifer Beals Marriages & Relationships With Husband Ken Dixon: Their Children & Past Affairs

Chandra Rana Mon Nov, 2022
American Actress Jennifer Beals Marriages & Relationships With Husband Ken Dixon: Their Children & Past Affairs

Sometimes goodbyes can be a good start for something great in life. And the case matches perfectly the love life of the American actress Jennifer Beals, who married twice and for a better start the second time. After her first marriage ended in divorce, Beals found her love in her second husband.

With her movie After being scheduled to release in April (2019), Beals' relationship with her second husband Ken Dixon has also been grabbing the limelight once again. Moreover, Jennifer who played in Devil in a Blue Dress, alongside Denzel Washington, is the mother of a daughter. Do scroll down to know more about Jennifer Beals' married life, husband, children, and divorce.

Jennifer Beals' Married Life With Ken Dixon: Husband & Children

It's true that persons with experiences of similar pain understand each other better.

Well, the statement is undeniably true for Jennifer and her second husband Ken Dixon as they both previously faced divorce from their respective spouse.

Getting back on topic, Beals and Dixon are together for over 2 decades, since they exchanged vows in 1998, in a private wedding ceremony. For a fact, Ken Dixon, 62, is a Canadian entrepreneur.

The couple is reportedly free from marital crisis and divorce and does enjoy a healthy relationship together. However, over these years, the lovebirds have not spoken about how they fell for each other and how they ended up getting married.

CAPTION: Jennifer Beals and her husband Ken Dixon SOURCE: Pinterest

Some sources claim that Jennifer and Ken met through their mutual friend and started dating soon after. But the strong proof never came up. Rather it was compensated with their adorable married life.

Despite huge fame, the couple seldom shares their lovely posts on social media. Probably, they enjoy keeping it a secret and low-key.

Furthermore, in one of her Tweets, Jennifer admitted that she wed her soulmate (indicating Dixon). Check it out!

Together with her beau, Beals shares their only child, a daughter. Their child was reportedly born on October 18, 2005.

CAPTION: Jennifer Beals and her daughter SOURCE: Pinterest

The Taken actress who co-starred with Clive Standen and Gaius Charles lives a happy family life.

We wish her the best for further.

Beals' Past Affairs: Divorce With First Husband

Prior to Ken Dixon, Jennifer Beals, who is close friends with Steve Buscemi, was married to her first husband Alexandre Rockwell, an American filmmaker.

The former couple lived as husband and wife for a decade, since they tied the knot on February 20, 1986. Though, they later divorced in 1996 without disclosing the reason for the divorce.

CAPTION: Beals' ex-husband Alexandre Rockwell SOURCE: All Movie

Despite their 10-year-long relationship, Rockwell and Beals never shared children.

The story continued with Beals's second marriage to Dixon. On the other hand, Alexandre married his second wife Karyn Parsons, an actress. They are still together and share 2 children.

Jennifer Beals' husband Dixon Is A Divorcee

As we mentioned earlier, Beal's second husband Dixon is also a divorcee. He is the father of 2 children from his first marriage; Jennifer became stepmother to Dixon's children.

Ken married his first wife (now ex-wife) Caroline Desiree Vermeulen on June 21, 1987, but divorced in 1996 after sharing 2 children. As a surprise, Beals and Dixon officially separated from their respective spouse the same year.

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