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American Director Burt Reynolds Unsuccessful Marriages: Also Know His Short-Term Affairs With Girlfriends

Anjali Limbu Lawati Sun May, 2018
American Director Burt Reynolds Unsuccessful Marriages: Also Know His Short-Term Affairs With Girlfriends

Burton Leon Reynolds Jr, also known as Burt Reynolds, is an American actor, director, and producer. Born on February 11, 1936, Burt is in his eighties now and was also a former American football player. Burt is known for his movie roles in Boogie Nights (1997) and television series Evening Shade (1992).

Golden Globe Award and Primetime Emmy Award winner, 82-year-old Burt has done many versatile roles in his movies and has also played the love interest of many beautiful actresses. When it is about his romantic relationships beyond the screen, he has been linked up with countless women. He has married twice in his life and also has adopted a child.

Husband to Two Actresses and an Adoptive Child

Burt Reynolds was married to actress Judy Crane and Loni Anderson in the past. Even with two marriages, his cumulative married life is added up to only 7 years. 

Married to actress Judy Carne

Burt Reynolds was married for a short period of time to actress Judy Carne. Judy was an English actress best known for the phrase Sock it to me! in the movie Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, an American comedy sketch television program.

CAPTION: Burt Reynolds and Judy Crane
SOURCE: Daily Mail

Burt Reynolds and Judy Carne were married in 1963. Their marriage lasted for only 2 years. In 1965, the couple got divorced and went their separate ways.

Marriage to Loni Anderson and an Adoptive Child

It is with actress Loni Anderson, he married for the second time. Loni and Burt also met due to their shared profession in the Hollywood industry. The couple married in 1988

CAPTION: Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson on their wedding
SOURCE: Pinterest

They adopted a baby boy in 1988 and named him Quinton Anderson Reynolds. He was born on August 31, 1988. Sadly they filed for divorce around 1993. Loni accused the actor/director of being abusive whereas Burt said that the actress cheated on him. Their legal battle continued on until 2017 because Burt Reynolds could not pay all of the divorce settlement money at once.

Burt after a year of divorce with Loni filed for bankruptcy. He could only pay her a little more than half of the settlement money to the actress. Loni filed the case again for the remaining payment in 2017. Reynolds who had recently sold his mansion at $3.3 million, after 9 years of trying it to sell finally gave her the full payment that also included the interest.

A long list of girlfriends/ Love of His Life

Burt has dated many women in his life. The list already includes a dozen of women namely Faye Dunaway, Miko Mayama, Mamie Van Doren, Sarah Miles, Catherine Deneuve, Lorna Luft, etc. Besides these, Burt is also famously linked up with Sally Feild.

Sally is also an American actress who has worked with the actor in many movies. Burt Reynolds even fought with the producers to have her in the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit. They dated for Five years.

CAPTION: Burt Reynolds and Sally Field
SOURCE: People

Burt, who is 82 and Sally who is in her 70s, never got married despite Burt proposing her countless of times. The lovebirds are physically separated in miles and live in different states. When asked in the media, Burt still recalls her as 'the love of her life' and Sally thinks of him as 'the one that got away'.