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Home Gossip American TV Personality Andy Bassich's Net Worth and Earnings; Know his Career and Achievements

American TV Personality Andy Bassich's Net Worth and Earnings; Know his Career and Achievements

Kurt Mon Jul, 2018
American TV Personality Andy Bassich's Net Worth and Earnings; Know his Career and Achievements

One of the stars of National Geographic Channel, Andy Bassich is known for the documentary television series named Life Below Zero. He is not a television star by occupation but rather a musher. He operates a mushing school and surviving school and is really good at his job. Bassich is well known for his mushing school locally, but he is known nationwide due to the show, Life Below Zero.

So, how did a musher become a television star and how much success he is enjoying through his work in the television show. Find out all about American television personality Andy Bassich's net worth, earnings, sources of income, career, and more. Check it out:

Andy Bassich's Net Worth and Earnings

Andy Bassich has his rearing school called Ventures and is a hunter which is his primary source of living and earning. As a musher, he charges a reasonable price of $2,500 for his dog sled.

CAPTION: Andy Bassich   SOURCE: National Geographic

Bassich has found a second career as a television personality in the documentary Life Below Zero which has helped him earn a high sum of money than what he used to in the past. He is reported to earn $100,000 appearing in the television series, Life Below Zero.

As of early 2019, Andy Bassich's net worth is reported to be around $250,000. The money that he has shall be more than helpful for him to survive the stressful environment of Alaska.

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Andy Bassich's Career; Musher And Television Star

Bassich has not always led to the life of success and fortune. During his past days, he spent most of the time trying on different jobs to support his family. He became a professional carpenter and cabin maker after he graduated high school.

Bassich took on jobs to support the family, but it was nowhere his heart was at. He moved to Alaska in 1980 and began rearing dogs which turned out to be his passion.

CAPTION: Andy Bassich   SOURCE: Earthen Necklace

The region of Alaska is a tough environment, yet he grew passionate about the environment. Bassich had a tough time each day of his life. He was having difficulties, but his struggles in life also landed him the job of a co-star in the documentary series Life Below Zero in the National Geographic Channel.

Bassich was a person who had moved from the capital to Alaska and started the profession of the musher; this was the story that would get the producer of the show to give him a place in their documentary.

Aside Basich, the show has stars like Sue Aikens, Chip Hailstone, Agnes Hailstone, Glenn Villeneuve, Jessie Holmes, and Erik Salitan.

CAPTION: Life Below Zero Panel at The Beverly Hilton Hotel  SOURCE: Screener TV

Bassich fit right in with the theme of the show which focuses on its main characters and their struggle with the wilderness of Alaska. The show gave Bassich the opportunity to be well known to give his mushing school media coverage and also gave him the opportunity of a steady and good income.

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