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Home Gossip Basketballer Eddy Curry's Life A Nightmare After Ex-Girlfriend And Daughter's Death; Marriage Detail

Basketballer Eddy Curry's Life A Nightmare After Ex-Girlfriend And Daughter's Death; Marriage Detail

Ashmita Karki Mon Oct, 2022
Basketballer Eddy Curry's Life A Nightmare After Ex-Girlfriend And Daughter's Death; Marriage Detail

Eddy Curry, a former American basketballer's life missed happiness despite his fame and huge money servings. 39-year-old Curry who played for Chicago Bulls experienced a nightmare after his ex-girlfriend Nova Henry along with 10-months old daughter Ava was murdered.

Eddy, the father of 7 children after divorcing his first wife Korie Kellogg, is currently living with his second wife Patrice Curry. Though the couple's relationship doesn't seem to be much smoother.

CAPTION: Eddy Curry SOURCE: CBS Sports

After the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Curry’s 8-year-old son Noah who saw the whole incident happen is in his custody, but after Eddy Curry's career failure in China's Zhejiang Golden Bulls, the family life nearly devastated them.

Read more about Eddy Curry's relationship, affairs, married life, and children in this section.

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Eddy Curry girlfriend and daughter murdered: Guilty Punished

On 24th January 2009, Curry’s partner Nova and his daughter were found dead in Nova’s Chicago apartment. There were multiple gunshot wounds on the dead body.

When the whole incident happened Curry’s son Noah was also present in the apartment, but he saved his life by hiding on the living room couch under the blanket.

Image: Eddy Curry's ex-girlfriend Nova Henry and daughter Ava Curry

Image: Eddy Curry's ex-girlfriend Nova Henry and daughter Ava Curry

Source: Chicago Tribune

As per reports, Henry Nova's attorney Fredrick Goings shot her while she was holding her baby daughter. Fredrick Goings was sentenced to life in prison in 2013.

Goings was representing  Henry in a child custody case against the former basketballer. Even more, it was revealed that after she broke up with Eddy Curry, Henry Nova had an affair with Fredrick Goings. 

And the tragic event took place after Nova ended her relationship with Goings and moved out with 2 children: Ava and Noah, shared with her ex-boyfriend Eddy Curry. 

We wish Nova and her daughter peace.

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Eddy Curry and Ex-Girlfriend Nova Henry's Relationship

Nova became a mother to Curry’s two kids Noah and Ava after being involved in a romantic relationship with him. But after some years, the couple called quits on their relationship and they had to deal with paternity issues and that is when they met Goings.

Well, not many details on the dating issues of the former couple are out.

Image: Nova Henry with her daughter Ava Curry and son Noah Curry

Image: Nova Henry with her daughter Ava Curry and son Noah Curry

Source: Daily Mail

In 2006’s paternity case involving Curry, Goings appeared as Nova’s representative. After the encounter, Nova and Goings got themselves involved in a romantic relationship.

However, Nova tried to dissolve it and end things with Going. Her murder took place followed by that incident.

Eddy Curry's First Marriage to Korie Kellogg; Divorced Shortly

In 2001, the reports of Eddy Curry's first marriage to his wife Korie Kellogg came up making the highlights.  Though, the former couple even shared a son named Eddy Curry III, however, the husband-wife relationship ended shortly after they divorced the same year in late 2001.

Surprisingly, the reason for their divorce or the details of Eddy's affair with Korie is not out to date.

Eddy Curry's Second Wife Patrice Curry: Their Children

At present, Curry is married to Patrice Curry. Patrice can be seen on VH1’s hit show Basketball Wives LA. Even though the wedding details are undercover, reports suggest that the couple got married in 2005.

Curry has 4 children with Patrice: Reigan Curry, Brandi Curry, Reign Curry, and Reiganna Curry, Reidan Currybut is the father of 7 children altogether including Noah Curry( with late ex-girlfriend Nova) and Eddy Curry III (with the first wife).

CAPTION: Eddy Curry with his wife Patrice and his children SOURCE: VH1

The relationship between Eddy and his second wife in the past had messy scripts in their life as Eddy had failed in his career after his last game for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls of China in 2013. While Patrice Curry had to move through a lot of struggles to survive with her family.

And now seems, everything is balanced and no reports of the couple's divorce have emerged.

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Patrice Curry's Messy Relationship in Past

Sometimes, the situation in a relationship is not as we expect and we have to prepare for the worst. The same case was with Eddy Curry's married life with his second wife Patrice Curry.

By the time, Patrice was engaged to Eddy, she was the stepmother of Eddy's son Eddy III. In 2010, when she was pregnant with her 2nd child, she was a legal guardian to her teenage sister Brandi and was depressed due to lots of pressure as per an old blog:

I’m on my 2nd child out of wedlock and inside I’m not so happy about it. I mean she nor her brother were accidents since their father and I planned my pregnancies but reality can set in and hit you like a ton of bricks.
CAPTION: Patrice Curry SOURCE: VH 1

And following 4 years of Patrice's marriage to Eddy, Eddy's ex-girlfriend was murdered and his son Noah was added to the family. In June 2009, Curry's Chicago home was in foreclosure with $220,000 in mortgage payments.

The case worsened when Eddy's career was over in 2013.

She said:

I’m married and raising my husband’s 4-year-old son which is so stressful on us but I guess you do things for love.

Later, Patrice joined the cast of Basketball Wives: LA in season four along with Shaunie O'Neal and slowly the family came in balance. But even now, Eddy Curry's current professional career is not disclosed.

Huge applause to the brave and hardworking lady Patrice.

Stay tuned.