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Home Gossip BBC Foreign Correspondent Orla Guerin Married Michael Georgy; No signs of divorce

BBC Foreign Correspondent Orla Guerin Married Michael Georgy; No signs of divorce

Dilip Adhikari Wed Mar, 2017
BBC Foreign Correspondent Orla Guerin Married Michael Georgy; No signs of divorce

Generally, journalists are the people who talk about all kind of events and people, who tries to find out each and everything regarding the story, but does this apply to themselves? Irish-born, Orla Guerin is also a journalist, a news presenter who works for BBC News, currently based in Cairo.

It's pretty amazing when one journalist gets married to another journalist. Journalist? Yes!! Orla's husband Michael Georgy is also a journalist. Today, we will talk about this journalist duo and hope to find some inside stories. Stay with us.

Orla Guerin married life with husband Michael Georgy

Orla Guerin has kept her personal life very low-profile and has rarely revealed about her marriage or love affairs. But, the thing that we know is, Orla is married to Michael Georgy.

Orla Guerin

Orla Guerin


Orla Guerin married Michael Georgy in 2003. After Orla lost her high-profile election campaign for Labour, nine years ago, Orla Guerin met Michael. Their meeting didn't immediately change into a love affair, but the couple took some time to know each other before committing to a relationship.

Michael Georgy

Michael Georgy


Orla and Michael did not rush into the relationship. They took it slowly and after a couple of meetings, eventually, became good friends. After a few months of dating, they decided to level up their relationship, and finally, they got married with an elaborated reception at Tinakilly House.

The couple kept their relationship under the radar for months. They managed to justify their profession as a journalist as they were very good at hiding their personal life, just as they are very good at finding others' personal life story.

Anyway, better late than never. The bride looked amazing in an Italian dress and the groom complimented her. The wedding event was very low-key. Just like their wedding, the couple maintains a very low-profile personal life and are rarely seen together.

From that day on, their marriage is on great terms without any rumors of divorce and controversies. They must have vowed that we are the people who publicize others' rumors and controversies, and we won't be the people on the list. No idea if they did. It would have been amazing if it was true.

Michael Georgy' Professional Career

Michael Georgy is a brave and hardworking journalist, as he puts his life in danger to cover different stories. Fully committed to what he likes, we are sure that he gives all that he has to his beautiful wife Orla and proves to be a great husband.

Check out the video where Michael is reporting Iraqi forces launch battle with ISIS for control of Mosul

You can follow Orla Guerin on Twitter.

Check out a recent tweet from this amazing journalist.

You can also follow Michael Georgy on Twitter, where he has mentioned about Iraqi Sunni tribal fighters demand federalism as they prepare to attack ISIS. Too much work!!

We hope that these journalists who married in a very low-key manner stay together for eternity and help us get the news. We also like to wish this love bird the very best of luck for their married life and their career.