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Home Gossip BBC journalist Sally Nugent is married but who is her MYSTERY husband with whom she has a child?

BBC journalist Sally Nugent is married but who is her MYSTERY husband with whom she has a child?

Ashmita Karki Thu Aug, 2016
BBC journalist Sally Nugent is married but who is her MYSTERY husband with whom she has a child?

A child is one of the most beautiful gifts offered by this world and Sally Nugent is already blessed with it. Yes, it’s true. BBC’s Sally has a child even though there is no information about her marriage. Sally, who has already worked for more than 15 years with BBC, is not only an outstanding host but is an amazing mom as well.

Sally’s date of birth is unknown but by looking at her, we can definitely say that she is at a marriageable age. As she already has a baby, we can guess if she is already married. But the question here is with whom?

Well, in this section, we are going to reveal all about her love life, affairs, and relationship. Just stay with us.


Sally is a workaholic person. She is a perfectionist who is always seen giving her 100%. Maybe, this is the reason behind her keeping her married life a secret. 

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We think she does not want her personal life to come into the limelight. She has perfectly managed to keep her personal and professional life separate. Therefore, except for her career, not much information can be found on the internet.

Recently, the reporter had to awkwardly apologize for calling Judy Murray, "Andy's Mum". She was in the Wimbledon to report on the story of Andy Murray's drop out of the competition this year. Some while before, she was off the TV due to her physical illness as she suffered from labyrinthitis, an inner ear disorder. 


Sally Nugent is such a private person as she has every time tried to keep her personal life hidden from the media outlets. Hence, we do not know who the ‘mysterious’ husband in Sally’s life is. In fact, we can’t be sure whether she is even married or not because she has never come out and spoke about this matter. But, we can assure you that she is not a divorced woman. 

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Talking about Sally's children, she gave birth to her child by the end of 2008. She re-joined her channel on 8th January 2009, and thus we can say that she took very little maternity leave. This proves how dedicated she is to her work.

Sally Nugent with a friend

Image: Sally Nugent with a friend

Since Sally appears to be a mysterious person, her current relationship status is as mysterious as her husband (if he exists). We do not know if she has a boyfriend or not. In 2015, there was a rumor that she was pregnant with her second baby but it turned out to be false.

We wish Sally could step up and reveal who her child’s father is so that she can get the tag ‘mysterious’ out of her name and bless you guys with some hot news.