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Home Gossip British-American Actress Marina Sirtis' Net Worth and Lifestyle

British-American Actress Marina Sirtis' Net Worth and Lifestyle

Blueprince Thu Sep, 2018
British-American Actress Marina Sirtis' Net Worth and Lifestyle

Marina Sirtis is British born American actress who is popular for her character of Counselor Deanna Troi in the famous TV sitcom Star Trek: The Next Generation which also features actor Jonathan Frakes.

The 63-year-old actress has appeared in several films and television shows during her career and has quite a sum for herself. The article deals with her net worth and lifestyle she leads.

Marina Sirtis Net Worth: $6 million

The British-American actress, Marina Sirtis is said to have an estimated net worth of $6 million. In spite of being in the acting business for almost 3 decades, she hasn't made quite a money out of her profession.


Marine Sirtis currently resides at Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. The American-styled house has 3 bedrooms whose designs are Spanish. The actress spent $200,000 to reconstruct the house which was damaged 12 years ago.

She also owns a home in Lake Arrowhead, which she visits during summer.

Marina Sirtis career

Marina Sirtis started acting in 1976 as a theatre artist at Connaught Theatre, West Sussex and has appeared in What the Butler Saw, written by Joe Orton and once as Ophelia in Hamlet.

YouTube: Marina Sirtis in The Wicked Lady

She has been featured in several supporting roles for movies like The Wicked Lady, Blind Date and Death Wish 3. Marina Sirtis is also seen in films like Raffles, Hazell, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, Minder, etc.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Marina Sirtis was asked by producer Gene Roddenberry to audition for a role in the Star Trek: Next Generation. She portrays the character of a half human and a half droid, Deanna Troi who serves as the advisor for Captain Picard played by Pattrick Steward.

CAPTION: British-American actress Marina Sirtis
SOURCE: looper

Sirtis has been featured in all of the 7 seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and has reprised her roles in the franchise's other feature films.

Marina Sirtis' Lifestyle

Marina Sirtis is married to husband Michael Lamper and the couple is together since 1992. She is quite friendly and is close friends with actors like Michael Dorn, Brent Spinner and, Jonathan Frakes, who is married to actress Genie Francis. In fact her cast members Dorn and Spiner acted as the wedding's groomsmen.

She drives an Audi S5 Cabriolet which costs around $70,615 and is also part of her net worth, which she posted in twitter account. She is quite active in social media sites and has shared photos with actors like Jack Turner, Kevin Sorbo, Jeril Ryan and, Joe Gatt.