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Home Gossip Cherry Healey Married Roly Allen in 2010 and divorced in 2016; Parent of two Children

Cherry Healey Married Roly Allen in 2010 and divorced in 2016; Parent of two Children

Mahammad Arsad shekh Tue Jun, 2017
Cherry Healey Married Roly Allen in 2010 and divorced in 2016; Parent of two Children

British native Cherry Healey is a complete package of talent, hard work, and confidence. She is a British television presenter who frequently features in self-titled lifestyle documentaries on the BBC. The blond beauty has also presented two series of Inside The Factory alongside Gregg Wallace.

You might know her professionally but probably are seeking about her personal life too. We have brought up some details regarding her private life. Just stay with us.

Cherry Healey Married To Husband Roly Allen - Divorce & Children

Cherry Healey is such a gorgeous TV personality who makes every guy go crazy for her. Because of her beauty and magnetic charm, she is the kind of girl many wants as a life partner. But did she marry anyone?

Without any further delay, we would like to tell you that Cherry Healey was once a married woman, but now she is a single mom of two children, whose identity isn't disclosed till now. Many wish to make Cherry their wife, but it was Roly Allen who succeeded in marrying her. Unfortunately, Cherry and the father of her two children Roly are not together anymore.

Beautiful television presenter Cherry Healey

Cherry Healey's ex-husband is Roly Allen. Source: whosdatedwho

Cherry Healey has tried to keep her ex-husband's maximum detail under the box and the only thing she has mentioned about him is his name and profession. According to Healey's interview for the Telegraph Roly is an entrepreneur. Another thing that we know is, the couple got married in 2010.

Well, now once the happy couple isn't even a couple anymore. They recently got divorced in 2016. Now a single mom, Healey says divorce was awful for her but she is proud of herself. Her article on BBC speaks about how being a single mom shattered her prejudices.

On her official Facebook page after her divorce, Cherry wrote a very positive note and it was evident that she wanted to get out of the mess. What do you think? Also, check out the post.

Even after a dreadful divorce, Cherry has managed to pull herself up. She loves to spend her time with friends and frequently posts the fun time that she spent with her buddies. Check this out. It's still a mystery exactly when Cherry first met Roly and how they led their relationship to marriage, however, the couple is said to have dated each other for a long before getting married.

After six successful years of their marriage looks like their love and passion for each other were not the same as on the first day of their relationship. She shares some crazy moments she spent with her friends on her Instagram page. Have a look.

More About Cherry Healey's Personal Life

Cherry Healey's personal life would be worthless if we don't talk about her parenthood. She is an amazing mother who is always there for her kids. She even shares her parenting pictures on social media.

Here's a fact!! You might be surprised, but in 2009, when the couple was just dating and not married, Cherry had already given birth to a daughter, Coco Rory Allen. Coco Rory was Roly and Cherry's, first baby. The ex-couple again welcomed their second child, son Edward Allen back in 2013.

Check out some heartwarming pictures of Cherry with her kids. We wish Cherry all the very best for her future and we hope she gets out of her divorce from her husband Roly. On a positive note, she has her children with her and that is always a boost.



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