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Home Gossip Chris Ciaffa and his Wife Mimi Rogers Married since 2003. See their Married Life.

Chris Ciaffa and his Wife Mimi Rogers Married since 2003. See their Married Life.

Alishan Sat Dec, 2016
Chris Ciaffa and his Wife Mimi Rogers Married since 2003. See their Married Life.

Chris Ciaffa is an American TV producer and assistant director, known for his work such as Unstoppable, The Devil’s Arithmetic, and Harlan County War.  And his wife is the beautiful Mimi Rogers, an American film and television actress, producer, and competitive poker player.  

Mimi Rogers has done many roles in her career; some of the works of hers are Gung Ho, Someone to Watch Overand Desperate Hours. She is also seen in television roles in series like Two and a Half Men, Mad Men, Paper Dolls, Weapons of Mass Distraction, The Loop, The X-files, and Wilfred.

Chris Ciaffa married Mimi Rogers

Chris Ciaffa and Mimi Rogers have been dating since 1990. They had been living together long before they were even married. On 20th November 1995, they had their first child and called her Lucy Julia Rogers-Ciaffa. Six years after having their first child, they welcomed another baby boy into this world on 30th July 2001 and named him Charlie Rogers-Ciaffa.

Chris Ciaffa and Mimi Rogers got married on 20th March 2003, 2 years after giving birth to their 2nd child. They have been married for 13 years as of now, which is considered a milestone in Hollywood since break-up news is seen in the newspaper every day.

Mimi Rogers, Chris Ciaffa, and daughter Lucy Julia Rogers-Ciaffa.

Mimi previously had two failed marriages. They say sometimes you fall in and out of love so many times before you finally meet the right one that you know you are going to spend the rest of your life with. And it seems like that’s what happened with Mimi Rogers. She is now happily married to Chris Ciaffa.

Happily married for 13 years and counting.

They dated for a long time before finally deciding to tie the knot. They decided to do that, because of Mimi’s past failed relationships. She wanted to be sure that Chris was the right guy for her. And now they have a beautiful family and happy as ever.

Previous affairs of Mimi Rogers

But before marrying Chris, the beautiful actress was married twice. Her first husband was James Rogers. She married Rogers on 21st August 1976 and adopted his last name. She was Mimi Spickler before she was married to him. They got divorced on 25th September 1980.


Mimi Rogers and ex-husband Tom Cruise.

 Her second marriage was to Tom Cruise. On 9th May 1987, she married The Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise in a New York City ceremony. Rogers was 31 years old when she married then, 24-year-old Cruise.

They decided to call it quits at the end of 1989 and the divorce was finalized on 4th February 1990. The couple released a joint statement saying there were just some issues that they couldn’t work out no matter how much they tried to resolve it.