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Home Gossip Chuck Todd and wife Kristian Todd married without divorce issues as they live with their children

Chuck Todd and wife Kristian Todd married without divorce issues as they live with their children

Rabina Koirala Mon Feb, 2023
Chuck Todd and wife Kristian Todd married without divorce issues as they live with their children

One of the most influential power couples in the TV network industry is no doubt, Chuck Todd, and Kristian Denny Todd. For more than a decade now, this host of NBC’s Meet The Press has been happily married to the co-founder of Maverick Strategies and Mail, Kristian. Though both of them have a very busy work schedule, they find enough time to spend with their two lovely children.

Chuck Todd finds it difficult to maintain work and family 

With the heavy and high-profile workload, Chuck Todd sees the biggest challenge of his career as maintaining a balance between work and family.

I think that’s the biggest challenge – being a good father and a good husband; I think about that more and more every day now.

Chuck Todd

Image: Chuck Todd

Source: Washington Blade

The 45-year-old American journalist is the 12th moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press, and host of Meet the Press Daily on MSNBC. This famed reporter has also served as the Political Director for NBC News.

Kristian Todd's Hectic Work Life 

Kristian Todd has no doubt married a very busy man, but she is like that herself too. Although she is currently working as a communications professional, she formerly was the spokesperson for the successful U.S. Senate campaign of the senator, Jim Webb.

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This skilled professional is the co-founder, along with Jessica Vanden Berg and Steve Jarding, of Maverick Strategies and Mail, which provides direct mail and consulting services for Democratic candidates and progressive causes.

Chuck Todd and Kristen's Children 

Even with demanding jobs, the couple still spends enough family time with their two children. Their elder child, Margaret Todd is 13 years old and their second child, Harrison Todd is 10 years old. This family resides in Arlington, Virginia.

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Chuck Todd was born in Florida and he still shares personal sentimental connections with his hometown, though he is living far away from Florida now. He was raised there by his Jewish mother and he is still an avid supporter of the collegiate Miami Hurricanes football team.

They are a Happy Family 

Chuck and Kristian Todd have been married for a long but they have never been engulfed in any kind of rumors regarding their divorce. They seem to be going strong.

Chuck’s kids even visited him on the sets of his NBC show back in 2014.

Talking about the upbringing of his children, Chuck says that they are being raised Jewish. Chuck’s mother is Jewish and he was raised “culturally Jewish, though not very religious”. Kristian Todd is non-Jewish but she doesn’t mind her husband enculturing their children.Chuck Todd and Kristian Todd

Image: Chuck Todd and Kristian Todd

Source: Pinterest

Even though my wife is not Jewish, we’re raising our kids Jewish. She’s very comfortable with Judaism and it’s important that my kids have only one living grandparent and it’s my mother,

said Chuck Todd in an interview in 2014.

My kids, as far as they’re concerned, they’re fully Jewish. They don’t know anything different. They don’t know about this ‘half-stuff this, half stuff that.’ All they know is that they have to go to Hebrew school twice a week, which, you know, sometimes the boy doesn’t get so excited about.

 he continued.

All seems to be going considerably well for the Todd family, and we just continue enjoying each other's presence.

People also ask:

How long has been  Chuck Todd married?

Chuck Todd has been married to Kristian Denny ​ ( m. 2001) for 22 years.

How old is Chuck Todd?

As of 2023, Chuck Todd is 51 years old.

Do Chuck Todd and Kristian Todd have children?

Chuck Todd and Kristian Todd have two children, Harrison Todd and Margaret Todd.


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