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Home Gossip CNN's Brianna Keilar and her husband Dave French married for 7 years without rumors of other affairs

CNN's Brianna Keilar and her husband Dave French married for 7 years without rumors of other affairs

Rabina Koirala Fri May, 2022
CNN's Brianna Keilar and her husband Dave French married for 7 years without rumors of other affairs

“Australian-born, California raised, DC adopted” is what our CNN beauty Brianna Keilar likes to call herself. 37-year-old Keilar is one of the most beautiful news anchors our networks have for us to provide. Well, she was the Homequeen after all!

For all those who didn’t know, Brianna Keilar is a married woman and even her husband is very good-looking. Keilar married her longtime boyfriend Dave French in 2009.

Brianna Keilar married Dave French

For almost 7 years now, Brianna Keilar has been married to her longtime boyfriend Dave French. 33-year-old French has been working as a freelance production assistant producer as well as a production coordinator. He has been in his field for quite some time now.

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Image: Brianna Keilar and Dave French's wedding

Their wedding took place in Sedona Arizona back in 2009. The ceremony was intimate and guests were very close friends and relatives only.

Professional photographer Sedona Bride captured the wedding pictures of the beautiful and photogenic couple. The Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village had hosted the ceremony.

This lovely duo had spent their honeymoon in Panama. Their honeymoon was quite exotic- from the famed canal and rainforest which is the home for most of the different birds in America to Panama's Caribbean coast, the newlyweds explored it all.

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Seriously, I can't work under these conditions.

A photo posted by Brianna Keilar (@briannakeilar) on


With the tenth year of their married life in the passing, this duo remains to be an inspiration. They have not yet been surrounded by any rumor of external link-ups whatsoever.

It is quite common for news anchors to be linked with their co-anchors and crew members because most of the time, these people are together and sometimes things go beyond colleagues and friends. But Brianna has not yet been associated with anyone and neither has Dave.

Brianna's marriage may not be fulfilling one

Brianna Keilar is quite active with her fans and followers on Twitter and Instagram. But recently, people have noticed something saddening. Hardly any of her public sharings has her husband's presence— neither in writing nor in pictures. She is mostly posting about her work and her dogs and sometimes her mother and nephew.


My sister and my nephews. Love this pic by my mom!

A photo posted by Brianna Keilar (@briannakeilar) on


Missing these guys. Thank goodness they figured out Snapchat.

A photo posted by Brianna Keilar (@briannakeilar) on

But Dave French is nowhere to be seen. So it has left us wondering— is she fulfilled and happy with her marriage?

Well, we don’t know that, but we sure do hope they make it work no matter what.

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