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Home Gossip CNN's Chris Cuomo Accuses 12 Years Old Girl For Intolerance; His Career As Journalist And Net Worth

CNN's Chris Cuomo Accuses 12 Years Old Girl For Intolerance; His Career As Journalist And Net Worth

Jharna Prasai Mon Mar, 2017
CNN's Chris Cuomo Accuses 12 Years Old Girl For Intolerance; His Career As Journalist And Net Worth

President Trump reversed an ex-president Obama's order and forced schools to allow transgender students to use whatever bathroom and locker room they wished. Meanwhile, a dad of a 12 years old girl showed his concern saying that "What do you tell a 12-year-old girl who doesn't want to see a pe**s in the locker room?"

To this CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo accused 12-year-old child's parent "intolerant" in his tweet in which he said that parents whose daughters do not want to see transgender boys' male genitalia while undressing in the school locker room should "teach tolerance."

Christopher Charles 'Chris' Cuomo is a successful American television journalist who is currently working for the CNN. Chris has been listed in top 10 highest earning News Anchors and his salary counts in seven digits. So, if Chris salary should be counted in seven-figure how much you think his net worth is?

We will tell you about his net worth but before this let's know about the story in detail.

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Chris Accuses 12 Years Old Girl's Parent

A 12 years old girl's father tweeted about his insecurities about seeing man's private part in her locker room. He said,

Chris Cuomo replied to a Twitter follower who raised the issue of a 12-year-old girl seeing a grown man’s genetic in school's washroom.

Chris twittered,

To this Chris's tweet, there were many replies. Here's some of them.

Comments on Chris Tweet

Source: Frost Snow

CNN's Chris Net Worth 

Controversies in a journalist career are nothing new. A part of being a successful person is criticism, controversies, a lot of opinions. We all know actors make a huge amount of money but it is not just actors who have the ability to demand large paychecks.

Believe it or not, news anchors can require a hefty salary too. Chris Cuomo also comes in the same list of news anchor who earns big amount of money from their work.

Instagram: Chris Cuomo in CNN with his co-host.


A lot to talk about before the weekend - Happy Friday!

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Chris Cuomo's yearly salary is something beyond your imagination. It's an approximate 2.5 million dollars. His net worth is 7 million dollars, which is surely increasing in coming days as his fame is also rocketing. 

Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo 

Source: CNN

Dressing as a high-class man, Chris has always maintained his class and doesn't let anyone talk about his personality. Chris lives in his huge bungalow situated in New York. He also owns an expensive car.

Chris CNN News Anchor Chris Cuomo and wife Cristina Greeven and their daughter in front of their car.

CNN News Anchor Chris Cuomo with his wife Cristina Greeven and daughter in front of their car.

Source: Hubmesh

He is a million dollar worth man, there is no doubt about this. This money man Chris also has a multiple Emmy Award nominations. He has also won few of them.


Chris Career as Journalist

Cuomo's early career in journalism included appearances related to social and political issues on MSNBC, CNN, and CNBC. Between the year 2006 and 2009, Chris got his start on ABC’s Good Morning America, where he served as an anchor.

Video: Donald Trump insults Chris Cuomo's ratings on CNN

Chris moved to CNN as a co-host of its morning show on 8th Feb 2013. Cuomo looks after a website, "Cuomo on the Case", which acts as a platform for his reporting and discussion on a number of issues.