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CNN's Ivan Watson Journalism Career and Awards: What's his Salary & Net Worth?

Mahammad Arsad shekh Thu Jul, 2019
CNN's Ivan Watson Journalism Career and Awards: What's his Salary & Net Worth?

Ivan Watson is a senior international correspondent for CNN and has covered civil unrest in Egypt,  conflicts in West Africa, the war in Iraq, the Second Chechen War, Haiti, and the War In Afghanistan.

He really has great career journey. People around the world are wondering about his career and achievements. In addition to this, the salary, earning a and net worth of the television personality is also talk of the town.

So, without wasting more time, let's discuss everything about Ivan Watson's professional life. Stay tuned.

Ivan Watson Career & Achievements

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Ivan Watson completed his graduation with a degree in international relations from Brown University in 1997.

Following his graduation, he started his journalism career; he initially worked as a reporter for numerous news channels.

Ivan, who has a Russian Orthodox background, was working as a reporter for CNN in Moscow in the 1990s. He has also covered the war in Ukraine.

He started reporting for NPR in West Africa in 2000 and later in 2001, he covered Afghanistan for five years. He was based out of Istanbul, Turkey at the time.

During a protest in Turkey, Ivan Watson was detained for 30 minutes. After working for NPR based in Istanbul, Turkey, he rejoined CNN in 2009.

In Iraq, while Ivan was traveling in an armored BMW he was blown up by a sticky bomb as he and his team were kept away by the security forces of Iraq.

Ivan Watson was one of those four CNN reporters who discussed the war in Syria on the Charlie Rose show.

He has received many awards, including two Emmy Awards, throughout his career. At present, he is serving CNN’s Hong Kong bureau as the Senior International Correspondent. He has been working for the bureau since 2014.

He currently mainly focuses on news and events of Asia Pacific regions.

Ivan Watson Earnings, Salary and Net Worth

Being a successful American senior correspondent, Ivan Watson certainly earns a considerable amount of money from his journalism career.

The exact figure of the net worth of the CNN senior international correspondent is not available. However, looking at his successful reporting career, we can assure that his total fortune is of six digits number.

His exact salary is also unknown but according to multiple online sources, a correspondent at CNN in the United States earns between $86,430 and $187,385 per year.

Details about his cars, house and properties are not available.

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