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Home Gossip Comedian Dave Chappelle Married Elaine Chappelle & Living Happily With Their Three Children

Comedian Dave Chappelle Married Elaine Chappelle & Living Happily With Their Three Children

Ashmita Karki Sun Jun, 2022
Comedian Dave Chappelle Married Elaine Chappelle & Living Happily With Their Three Children

Dave Chappelle is a renowned stand-up comedian who is most widely known for his ‘Comedy Central channel show ‘The Chappelle Show’. Dave is happily married to his wife for over 16 years, Elaine Chappelle. The couple has been together for a very long time and they have three amazing children together.

Let’s jump into Dave’s personal life and squeeze out all the details about his love affair, married life, and children. Just stay with us.

Dave Chappelle married his long-term girlfriend Elaine Chappelle

Dave and Elaine tied the knot in 2001 in a lavish wedding ceremony and have been together as a husband and wife since then. They live with their two sons, Sulayman and Ibrahim, and a daughter Sonal on a farm that is spread on 65-acre of land in Ohio cornfields.

Dave seems to be too attached to Ohio as his father lived there. During an interview, Dave revealed that he loves Ohio because it reminds him of who he actually is. He says that having 65 acres to just chill out keeps him balanced.

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Dave Chappelle's wife Elaine Chappelle is from the Philippines

Dave’s wife Elaine is Filipino. According to the, Dave once said that due to the fact that his wife is Asian, his kids turned out to be Puerto Rican. He also added that his mother is half white, his grandparents were biracial and if he grew hair he would turn out to resemble Katt Williams.

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Dave Chappelle is a family man: Parents of three children

Dave is a funny man and comedy is his soul his wife and children totally accept him and support him, that’s why his family accepts his timely joke about them. He is very close to his children and wife.

He even mentioned once that he and his wife took his children to Disney world which proves that he often spends time with his family. Once, he opened up saying that he doesn’t like being called bitch in front of his kids. 

Dave Chappelle and his two sons

Dave Chappelle and his two sons

Source: black celebrity kids  

Dave got very emotional when his oldest son made a necklace out of macaroni for him. He revealed that his son tied it around his neck and said that he was proud of his dad. 

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Video: Dave Chappelle talks about his married life and wife

He also admits that sometimes he gets happy when his wife is gone with his children for a couple of hours as he gets to jerk off during that time.

Despite whatever joke Dave says about his wife and kids on stage, CBS news claims that he is a devoted family man and all-rounder nice guy. Family man Dave once said that it’s not just important to love the family but one should like them too.

All praise to this man Dave Chappelle and we hope the best for his family. After spending years together the couple has made us believe that if you try you will get well with your wife and family. All the best Dave. Keep us smiling.

Quick Facts

How much money is Dave Chappelle worth?

One of the richest comedians in the world, Dave has a net worth estimated at $42 million.

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