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Home Gossip Costume Designer Gina Kimmel's Net Worth In 2018: Her Career Struggles & Salary

Costume Designer Gina Kimmel's Net Worth In 2018: Her Career Struggles & Salary

Sabrina Thapa Sun Feb, 2018
Costume Designer Gina Kimmel's Net Worth In 2018: Her Career Struggles & Salary

53 years old American fashion designer Gina Kimmel was known as Gina Maddy before her marriage to comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Gina married her ex-husband Jimmy on June 25, 1988. After being married to husband Jimmy for 15 years and having 2 children, a daughter Katie and a son Kevin, Gina divorced her spouse on June 16, 2003.

Currently, Gina is dating Chris Jones and according to Net Worth Post, her estimated net worth as of 2018 is $500,000. Her works in Party Like the Queen of France, The Man Show and Party Like the Rich and Famous are most appreciated.


Love birds ??

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To find out more about Jimmy Kimmel's ex-wife Gina's net worth and salary from her profession as costume designer, continue to read below.

Net worth of Gina Kimmel

As mentioned above, Gina is a millionaire and her former husband Jimmy is a millionaire as well. The estimated net worth of Jimmy as of 2018 is around $35 million and earns $10 million by hosting a talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live according to TheRichest.

According to, an average yearly salary of a costume designer's ranges from $18,930 to $85,340. The data points that Gina's annual income from her profession might be in the similar range.

With the business partner April Pruitt, she has a company named after her father James Maddy, which features vintage lingerie and other items in classic styles.


Set up at Randolph street market.

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The information about the residence of Gina Kimmel hasn't been made public, neither does anyone know about the properties owned by her. But the details of her ex-husband's properties is always a hot topic in the media.

Jimmy Kimmel resides in a modest house worth $1.1 million located nearby his Sunset Strip compound worth $6 million with his current wife Molly McNearney and children

Gina Kimmel's Former husband Jimmy Kimmel's house at Hollywood Hills

Jimmy Kimmel's house at Hollywood Hills


In addition, he also owns a duplex property worth $1,65 million in Hermosa Beach. Further, he had also put his 3,605 square foot property in the Hollywood Hills on sale for $2,299,000 in 2014.

Early life and Career of Gina Kimmel

Gina is a graduate of Arizona State University where she met her ex-husband Jimmy. After divorce with Jimmy, Gina pursued her career in fashion designing by modernizing classic Hollywood Lingerie.

The fashion designer is also a business women who own an online retail company called Maddy James which includes her updated versions of vintage nightgowns. Her collection is inspired by the 1920s to 1960s fashion.

Hope, Gina will soon marry her boyfriend Chris and her second marriage won't end up like her the first one.

Let's wish them best of luck.