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Home Gossip David Lucca da Silva son of Neymar and Carolina Dantas

David Lucca da Silva son of Neymar and Carolina Dantas

Angus Whyte Sun Nov, 2015
David Lucca da Silva son of Neymar and Carolina Dantas

Having a kid at a young age is quite a headache but here we have an influence, not to give up, and look forward to life. So, as we must make sure not to despair in times like this; To find out more about Neymar, his former Girlfriend, and Lovely Son, keep on scrolling. Also, read about their separation.

Famous Neymar Jr. and his son and girlfriend.

The famous footballer, Neymar Jr. became the father of Davi Lucca da Silva Santos alongside his girlfriend, Carolina Nogueira Dantos. The process of labor was not missed by Neymar. They had been planning for the name to be Matheus, but as the time came, they settled in for Davi Lucca as it had a better sound to it concerning the little guy.


Because of not wanting media fame, Carolina didn't want Neymar to flash her name as his child's mother. However, later, the footballer himself disclosed the name of his first child's mother. 

Neymar and Carolina: Split custody

As a part of Neymar and Carolina not being together anymore, both parents took time to decide who should the little child's custody go to. The custody of their child was also split between Neymar and his ex-wife Carolina. 

Davi has fair-complexioned skin, blonde hair, and has blue eyes. He is the real little star boy. He looks more like his dad than his mom. At such a young age of 19, Neymar started taking responsibility for his son. 


The reason for their separation is still ambiguous. The once couple has not revealed the actual reason behind their separation. Stating their mishaps not being able to get married could have made a difference to their son, but, Davi is provided with both paternal and maternal love from both sides of the family.

The Love Still Lives On.

The trio: Together

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Talking about Neymar's love life, he and Carolina fell in love with each other at a very small age, when they were teenagers. Carolina is a very pretty girl, also a mother now. She has a decent height, a perfect body, and is very outspoken in person. She too is a citizen of Brazil.

But the love story of Neymar and Carolina didn't have a happy ending and rumors have it that they might get back together. Neymar is active on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. He often uploads pictures of his son Davi on Instagram.

So, all the fans of Neymar, stay updated on Neymar's work, follow him on various social networking sites. We hope and wish him luck for their future, and can't wait to see the little champ coming into the stadium as his father did.