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Home Gossip David Muir unknown sexual orientation. Is he Gay? He had a boyfriend?

David Muir unknown sexual orientation. Is he Gay? He had a boyfriend?

Jharna Prasai Thu Dec, 2015
David Muir unknown sexual orientation. Is he Gay? He had a boyfriend?

The Emmy Awards Winner, David Muir is one of the most popular and handsome American journalists. 44-year-old David, currently working as an anchor of the ABC World News Tonight, replacing Diane Sawyer is not free from the rumors and controversies despite his success.

Known as Brad Pitt among his fellow journalists, he is rumored to be gay. Even though he is liked by many female fans all around the world but with an absent relationship history, he is questioned about his sexuality. Furthermore, his viral shirtless photo fueled the rumors even more.


Waiting room at Estia’s. So worth it.

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So, what's the truth? Is David Muir gay? Let's know all these answers and his relationship status in this section.

David and His rumored Boyfriend Gio Benitez

There were many rumors that David Muir was romantically involved with a fellow journalist and colleague, Gio Benitez

As Gio initially used to file in his reports to the previous anchor Diane Sawyer, directly from the field, he now appears in the studio with Muir.

Video: Meet David Muir, the Man Taking Over ABC's 'World News

Well, back in 2015, Benitz and David were reported to be together inside a gay bar which became a viral issue and the pinpoint reason to fire up the gay rumors.

However, neither of them admitted their relationship. 

Even though their relationship somersaulted the search indexes, but after the engagement of Gio with Tommy DiDario on September 17, 2015, the issue turned to dust.

Gio and Tommy got married on April 16, 2016.

Instagram: Gio and his gay husband Tommy DiDario

But, it was not over for David Muir.

His shirtless photo is circulated on the internet alleging him to be gay.

Is anchor David Muir Gay?

Many websites and reports have come up with the supposedly true rumors that he is openly gay. Since he is reportedly spotted in the gay bars with his fellow colleagues and most probably gay friends, this may be the reason for the gay rumors.

However, David himself has not confirmed his sexual orientation as gay.

David Muir shirtless

David’s shirtless photos are searched all over the internet in hopes of seeing his muscular build and stature. While fake photos are many in numbers, one sloppy shirt photo of David, after he took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, has been circulating the web.

Shirtless picture of David

Shirtless picture of David   Source: Unix

He left all his die-hard fans sweating when his sexy shirtless and muscular pictures went viral all over the media. 

However, after he shared a photo with a mysterious lady on his Instagram, the allegation blew off.

Is David Muir Dating?

Often seen with many ladies, David Muir shared a photo of him and a girl on his Instagram in July 2018.

The girl was later identified as Sharyn Alfonsi, a correspondent at CBS for 60 Minutes.


How many years have we been laughing @sharynalfonsi #madeinamerica

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However, he has not admitted his relationship with her. 

Well, in past, Muir was also linked with Kelly Ripa, though later were reported to be friends. So, maybe the issue might repeat up.

Let's wait and see what the future has to offer.