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Home Gossip Debbie Lee Carrington Is Not With Us Physically But In Our Memories: A Look At Her Life

Debbie Lee Carrington Is Not With Us Physically But In Our Memories: A Look At Her Life

Shandip Basnet Thu Mar, 2018
Debbie Lee Carrington Is Not With Us Physically But In Our Memories: A Look At Her Life

An American born actress and a stuntwoman known for her diminutive size body due to dwarfism, Debbie Lee Carington earned the net worth of $ 1 million through her career as a stunt woman. She died at the age of 58, on 25th March 2018.

Debbie is known for her work in movies like Behalf focus, Total Recall (1990), Guys in Dark (1997), Star Wars Event VI- Come back from the Jedi (1983), Scary Movies 3, and Batman Returns. During all these projects she worked alongside actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, Sharon Stone and Zac Efron. 

Debbie Lee Carrington's Net Worth

A very wonderful & talented actor Debbie started her acting career in the Chevy Chase-starring comedy Under the Rainbow. Likewise, she has also worked in famous movies like Star Wars, Men in Black, Baywatch, finally earning a net worth of estimated $1 million through her career.

Debbie Lee CaringtonDebbie Lee Carington

Source: Youtube

Although we are yet to know the salary Debbie took per movie, we do have a general outline of the money stuntmen and women make in the industry.

According to various sources, a newcomer in Hollywood can expect to earn as low as $5,000 per year. However, well-established stuntmen at the higher end of their profession can expect to earn as much as $250,000 per year or even more. 

Debbie Lee Carington during the shooting of a movie

Debbie Lee Carrington during the shooting of a movie

Source: Pintrest

Some of the movies that Debbie worked in made millions of dollars in box office collections. Batman Returns, for example, had a gross collection of $162,831,698, Scary Movies's gross collection stood at $110,003,217 and Curse of Chucky collected $3,579,124.        

Debbie Lee Carrington's Career

Best known for her appearance as Ewok in Return of the Jedi, Debbie Lee Carigton was born on 14 December 1959, in America in San Jose, California. She got a degree in Child Psychology from the University of California in 1982.  

Apart from her stunt performance in Under the Rainbow and Return of The Jedi, Debbie, known for her diminutive size due to dwarfism, played in the different type of movies, including actions, thriller and science fictions.

One of her biggest roles was as the character Thumbelina in Total Recall that involved her most-memorable scene where she stabs the villain and then wields a machine gun on top of a bar.

Debbie Lee Carrington during an interview

Starting as a stuntwoman before moving on to work as an actress, Debbie has either worked or played in various blockbuster movies. However, she unexpectedly passed away on 25th March 2018 due to reasons probably natural, although the exact reason is yet to be revealed.

Debbie Lee Carrington's Death Cause

She is no more with us and we cannot see her act play and stunts anymore. She passed away while she was active in her career. It was really shocking news for all her friends and fans.

The cause of death is not revealed yet; it could be her natural death. Though she has departed physically, she is still alive with us in her played movies in the different characters.