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Home Gossip Eminem’s Daughter With Wife Kimberly Scott, Hailie Scott Is All Grown Up, Dating Boyfriend, See Pic!

Eminem’s Daughter With Wife Kimberly Scott, Hailie Scott Is All Grown Up, Dating Boyfriend, See Pic!

Smriti Rai Tue Apr, 2017
Eminem’s Daughter With Wife Kimberly Scott, Hailie Scott Is All Grown Up, Dating Boyfriend, See Pic!

The gorgeous 21-year-old girl, Hailie Scott is the daughter of the rap legend Eminem. She is surely the lucky girl on the Earth and every girl in the world dream to be in her shoes. Who wouldn't? The real name of Hailie is Hailie Jade Scott Mathers but she is renowned for her Instagram name which is Hailie Scott.

People often brag about when they are related to popular celebrities. And they often get the limelight and even their career gets established easily being the children of the popular celebs. Hailie, on the other hand, does not belong to the category. She has never bragged about being the daughter of Eminem who is the well-renowned Dope rapper. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it.

She is currently dating a very handsome guy and the media's been all over her to catch a glimpse of her romantic love story that is going on pretty well in her life. What are the gossips media has accumulated about her dating life? Let's check out now!

Hailie Mathers, daughter of Eminem is all grown up now

The daughter of Kimberly Scott and Eminem has now grown into a beautiful girl. Hailie is deeply attached to her father and she is the princess of her beloved dad. Well, Eminem as well treats his daughter like a princess. He has written many songs about her baby daughter among which Stan, Mockingbird, and Hailie's song stand out.

The stunning blonde Hailie Scott posting the photo on Instagram

The stunning blonde Hailie Scott posted the photo on Instagram

Source: Instagram

We all have been seeing her as the cute little pretty girl whereas now, she has turned into the stunning, blonde beauty. She certainly came to the limelight by her charismatic beauty and the strong personality she carries with her all the time.

Eminem and Hailie as a baby

Eminem with her daughter Hailie as a baby


She used to be away from the spotlight as she is unsure about taking her father's career path and want to live relatively a normal college student life. She is studying at Michigan State University. She believes in 'Simple Living and High Thinking' and tends to choose life as every other normal people do. She is definitely an amazing human being.

We are here talking about the daughter of the rap legend Eminem. It's obvious that the media would not miss a chance to follow up on the daughter of Eminem Hailie. She drove into the headlines now and then because of her father, Eminem. She on the other hand doesn't like being talked about and her stories being published in the media but thanked but expresses her gratitude towards her dad who made it possible to drive her to the spotlight. 

The teen, Hailie has won the title of Homecoming Queen at her high school. She is the girl who has got 'Brains with Beauty'. Achieving 3.9 grade in her high school, she is studying psychology at Michigan State University. She immensely credits her parents for their support and for providing her with all the help to pursue her study.

Hailie Scott celebrates her 21st birthday with her handsome boyfriend

Hailie posted the picture with her beau with the caption "Couldn't have asked for a better 21st birthday celebration (or a better guy to have by my side).

Hailie with her boyfriend at her 21st birthday celebration

Hailie with her boyfriend at her 21st birthday celebration

Source: The Daily Mail


No longer daddy's girl, Hailie seemed comfortable and happy with her guy in the picture of St. Patrick's Day.

Hailie with her boyfriend

Hailie with her boyfriend


She seems like she is extremely attached to this guy, and is having blissful days with her handsome boyfriend. No matter what, she is still the daddy's girl. She is close to her dad Eminem and takes her dad as an inspiration. And her Daddy old has exact feelings for her which is proved by Em's many songs (at least 22) where Eminem has mentioned his daughter Hailey's name.

She is receiving plenty of admirers in her life and the followers are all over her account praising her beauty. How quickly time has flown by, she has managed to remain fairly elusive to the eyes of media despite being born as Eminem's daughter.

With her several posts on Instagram, she is believed to be living happily and having the best days of her life. We wish her all the luck in her career and love life with her baby boo!