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Home Gossip ESPN’s Jen Lada Shares Her Story Of Sexual Harassment On Twitter, Know Her Career and Net Worth

ESPN’s Jen Lada Shares Her Story Of Sexual Harassment On Twitter, Know Her Career and Net Worth

Ashmita Karki Sun Mar, 2017
ESPN’s Jen Lada Shares Her Story Of Sexual Harassment On Twitter, Know Her Career and Net Worth

Sexual harassment is the worst thing a woman can face in her life. Such activity can happen in any place like home, school or workplace. There are a lot of ladies who have faced such harassment in their lifetime, but they generally don’t reveal about it thinking it as a matter of shame. Similar is the case with ESPN’s sports anchor Jen Lada.

It took a lot of courage for Lada to reveal the tragic incident of her past. She opened up about it years after it happened. So what actually happened? Let’s find out.

Jen Lada chose Twitter to share her sexual harassment story

Lada revealed about her bitter past through her official Twitter account. She gained the courage to open up about her past due to Newsweek’s Lucy Westcott’s eye-opening article.

In her article, Westcott explained about the various types of sexual assault that takes place in the journalism industry irrelevant to gender. She also revealed that after reading her article 35 women and 2 men came out to tell her their stories. And so did Lada.

Source: Jen Lada

Source: Jen Lada

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Even though Lada has spent so many years by working as a sportscaster she began working with ESPN only since 2015. During her early phase in the field of journalism, Lada had to deal with something that many might us can call it a nightmare. Let's dig deeper into the story.

Jen Lada was assaulted by an interviewer

During her very first interview as a sports journalist, the interviewer did some humiliating things such as taking his pants off. He not only did that but also drank way too much and drove her to his house instead of taking her to her hotel. He even asked her to swim him.

Even though Lada informed about the whole incident to the news director, no any action was taken and the sports director still works there.

Check out the tweets of Jen Lada related to the sexual harassment.

That’s really sad. Don’t you think so? But, this brave lady has been able to overcome this and is doing really good in her career. Respect!! All of us should come out and reveal if they have been sexually harassed.

Jen Lada Career and Net Worth

Lada is a Marquette University graduate. Her career in the sports field began as a sports anchor for FOX6. After that, she worked with SportsNet Chicago. Her career in ESPN began since June 2015. She worked as the host of ‘Baseball Tonight’ and also as a co-host of a radio show.

At present, she is regularly seen on ‘Mike & Mike’ and ‘First Take.' Her net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, her annual salary is around $85,000. She earned such a huge amount by working as a sports anchor for such various channels. ESPN reportedly pays her a high salary. All thanks to her talent.

Source: Jen Lada

Jen Lada

Source: IGN

This is how amazing Lada’s career and net worth has been. Even though she has excelled so much in her career she had to experience sexual harassment in the past. We hope nobody ever has to experience such nightmare in their life. Best wishes to this talented lady.