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Home Gossip Fans surprised by Lagertha's vengeful act in the 'Vikings' as she takes her revenge against Kalf

Fans surprised by Lagertha's vengeful act in the 'Vikings' as she takes her revenge against Kalf

Ashmita Karki Wed Apr, 2017
Fans surprised by Lagertha's vengeful act in the 'Vikings' as she takes her revenge against Kalf

It's for sure that no one can get enough of the wonderful series 'Vikings' and the twist that Lagertha played from her part was just out of the world. The actress who plays the character of Lagertha is none other than Katheryn Winnick whose net worth is as high as $2 million. None of the fans ever expected this beautiful and ambitious Lagertha to do such a revengeful act on such a big day with boyfriend Kalf in the series 'Vikings'.

Kalf who loved Lagertha persisted to marry him and he too had no idea what was coming next. But Lagertha who was so determined to kill those who hurt her son didn’t back up even if it looked like she too had some feeling towards him.

Caption: Lagertha and Kalf 


Lagertha is the ex-wife of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok and also the mother of two. She once promised herself that she will kill Kalf sooner or later but no one ever knew that will be their wedding day. Lagertha just took her revenge by stabbing Kalf to the death.


On the precious wedding day of Lagertha and Kalf when Kalf came to see his bride and fell in love one more time, there was a sense of revenge going on the bride's mind. She just pulled out the dagger that she owned and slide it into his gut. This full episode was aired on 24th March.

Caption: Lagertha and Kalf 


The most confusing part was Lagertha was still kissing Kalf full of love when she was letting him die in her arms. It couldn’t be the love we guess. Audiences may have thought about the break-up of this on-screen couple but such an act of badass revenge wasn’t in anyone's mind.


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You may be remembering the scene when Lagertha swore to Kalf's face that she will never leave him and with no hesitation, she kept her promise. Some of the fans don’t really appreciate the affair of how Lagertha killed Kalf when his weapons were down. They say she might have called a single combat battle which is the traditional Viking way to decide who the ultimate winner will be.

Caption: Lagertha kissing Kalf after stabbing him to death


One of the Vikings' fans wrote, 'I think Kalf is a snake, but really I cannot avoid feeling sorry for him here. He did not enter Valhalla. He died for love, kissing Lagertha, after knowing how she was killing her, kissing her lips for the last time. There is something romantic and disturbing about that, very Shakesperian, desire the death from the band of that who you love…"


And yes they remembered other things when in the 5th episode of Season 4 'Promised' Lagertha revealed that she was pregnant with Kalf's baby. That was the moment when Kalf proposed to her to marry him. Kalf may have known that Lagertha has the fire of payback in her mind but he loved her to the death. So was the confession of Lagertha being pregnant was just a trick to make Kalf closer to her and make him suffer? Well, we gotta wait for that.