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Fashion Designer Elena Moussa's Net Worth and Career

Arjun Sedai Tue Jan, 2017
Fashion Designer Elena Moussa's Net Worth and Career

Elena Moussa is a Russian fashion designer married to renowned American TV personality Gregory John Gutfeld in 2004 who has a net worth of $2 million. Elena's marriage with Gregory John added up to her huge net worth.

Besides Elena’s husband's net worth, it is also her designing career that has added to her net worth. As she is a popular fashion designer and is married to celebrated husband Gregory John Gutfeld, she has a large number of fans who really want to know about her career and net worth.

Elena Moussa net worth

Elena Moussa was born in a Russian family married to millionaire husband Gregory John Gutfeld. The total net worth that she owes partially belongs to her design career.

She was born with an innate talent in designing that helped her achieve success in her design career. Her social media is the proof of her success where she has pulled the attention of millions of media fans. Her fans and followings crave her beautifully designed products.

The photo uploaded above is from her upcoming site.

Furthermore, she has launched her own design site named mouse project. Though this site has already launched it has not commenced the business. She might be waiting for a suitable period to start it. Subsequently, after the business commencement, it will add more to her net worth in future days.

Elena Moussa Career

Elena Moussa is a fashion designer who has attracted enormous fans with her design work. Previously before her marriage, she used to work in London where she met her loving future husband Greg Gutfeld. After three years of marriage, she moved to New York City and is currently carrying her design work in the same city.

Elena Moussa lifestyle and car

Elena Moussa lives her life in a royal way where she is the queen of her own world with her charming prince Greg Gutfeld. On every occasion, she presents herself with an eye-catching designed outfit which matches her personality perfectly.

Elena Moussa with her husband Gregory John Gutfeld

Elena Moussa with her husband Gregory John Gutfeld


As luxuriously as Elena Moussa lives her life she has the same taste in cars as well. To name one of her cars, she owns a gray Volkswagen. The image of the car has been uploaded below where Elena’s husband can be seen sitting next to it.


A photo posted by elenamoussa (@elenamoussa) on

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