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Home Gossip Former American Footballer Joe Thomas Receives Huge Salary: His Net Worth & Income Source

Former American Footballer Joe Thomas Receives Huge Salary: His Net Worth & Income Source

Shree Krishna Tue Dec, 2018
Former American Footballer Joe Thomas Receives Huge Salary: His Net Worth & Income Source

NFL is regarded as one of the top marketable professional sport. Speaking of one of the giants of the NFL, Cleveland Browns certainly strikes one's mind. As the tale of the Browns takes on the road, there is one name in particular who is considered to be one of the greatest offensive lineman of all time, Joseph Hayden Thomas.

Known professionally as Joe Thomas, he played his entire career, 11-season, for the Cleveland Browns of NFL. Joe played college football for the University of Wisconsin and was picked as the third overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. He has made 176 appearances for the Browns.

Over the course of his 11 years, Joe has gained himself not only a huge fan base but also a huge net worth. Get to know about his income and net worth in over 11 years of his career at the Brows.

Joe Thomas Net Worth in 2018

Joe Thomas is undoubtedly one of the renowned players of all time in the NFL. The former offensive lineman for the Browns has made himself globally renowned for his defensive tactics and offensive tacking on the field.

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Since his joining back in 2007, to 2017, Joe has amassed himself a huge net worth. Joe's net worth is estimated at $70 million, as of 2018. Joe's $70 million net worth can be attributed to his salary with the Browns and also his brand endorsements and some personal investments.

His Income Details: Salary Over The Years

At the time of his joining, the Brows offered Joe a rookie deal worth $43 million. The deal was set for six years with $23 million in guaranteed salary, along with $10 million in signing bonus.

After Joe' continuous selection in the Pro Bowl, five times until 2011, the Browns extended his deal in 2011. The new seven-year contract was worth $84 million with $44 million in guaranteed salary and another $15 million in signing bonus.

The two previous contract salary and singing bonuses helped Joe amass a huge net worth. Joe' $84 million deal with the Brows saw a total of about $92 million after all the workout and roster bonuses.

Here are Joe's earnings under his second deal with the Browns, which he penned in 2011.

 Year  Income (in million)
 2011  $15.96
 2012  $11.9
 2013  $11.4
 2014  $12.3
 2015  $10.2
 2016  $9.5
 2017  $11.5
 2018  $10

Joe's seven-year deal expired in 2018. On March 14, 2018, Joe announced his retirement from the NFL. After his retirement, Joe began working as a co-host on the Thoma Hawk Show, with former NFL player Andrew Hawkins.

His earning form the show adds to his net worth. 


Joe Thomas endorses several international brands including Nike and Pepsi. Joe earns around $3 million annually from his endorsement deals. Joe also had an estimated $22 million in personal investments.

With all these incomes, Joe is bound to live a lavish lifestyle.

Joe Thomas' Lifestyle

After earning all the fame and wealth, it was the time to make his life better out of his earnings. Here, Joe obviously hits the point. Joe owns a mansion worth $5 million in Cleveland. Joe lives in his Cleveland mansion with his girlfriend-turned-wife Annie Thomas and two daughters, Logan and Camryn. 

Joe is fond of luxury cars, like most of the other celebs. He has possession over 8 luxury cars, which in total is worth around $2 million. His cars collection goes with Brabus T65, Mercedes Benz SL65, Ford GT Geiger, Range Rover, and Rolls Royce Ghost.

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