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Home Gossip Former Footballer Joe Namath Was Once Married to Joe Namath; His Affairs With 300 Women

Former Footballer Joe Namath Was Once Married to Joe Namath; His Affairs With 300 Women

Shree Krishna Thu Apr, 2022
Former Footballer Joe Namath Was Once Married to Joe Namath; His Affairs With 300 Women

Ups and downs are a part of a journey. Life offers hurdles of misfortunes and moments of joys, all along. Similarly, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Joe Namath has his shares of ups and downs, both in his professional and personal life.

The former American football quarterback, who enjoys a net worth of $18 million, was married to Deborah Mays with two children. Namath is alleged of having over 300 relationships, yet lives single life.

Get to know more about his personal life, here in this article.

Joe Namath Married Deborah Mays With Two Children

Joe Namath aka Broadway Joe got married to his then-wife, Deborah Mays, in 1984. The pair exchanged their wedding vows at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is tagged as a mecca for celebrity spotting.

At the time, Namath was 41 years old while Deborah was only 22. Despite an age gap of 19 years, Namath and Deborah got along with each other and had their own family after the birth of their two children, both daughters.

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CAPTION: Joe Namath with his two daughters, Jessica and Olivia SOURCE: CelebrityMirror

They welcomed their elder daughter, Jessica Namath in 1986 and the younger Olivia Namath, in 1991. Despite a decade-long marriage, the duo decided to go separate ways. After 14 years of marriage, they got divorced in 2000.

Reason Behind The Divorce

Like many Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie, who had to go through a divorce from each other, Deborah also could not continue his relationship with his wife. The reason behind their divorce is stated to be Deborah's extramarital affair with a surgeon named Brian Novack.

Speaking of her extramarital affair, Deborah herself admitted that she was fed up with her relationship with Namath and it was Namath's 'alcoholism' which lead their marriage to fall apart.

CAPTION: Joe Namath with his then-wife Deborah Mays SOURCE: FamousFix

Deborah also added,

He (Brian Novack) is sensitive and caring, unlike Joe.

After the divorce, Deborah left the custody of her two children to Namath and later married Brian. While Namath, 75, chose to live as a bachelor. 

The former Los Angeles Rams quarterback might have lived a single life after his divorce from Deborah, but we have a lot on his past love life to dig up, and his 300 affairs.

Joe Namath's Past Affairs: Encounter with 300 Ladies

Namath was widely known to be a ladies' man during his playing career. During an interview with the Playboy Magazine, dated back in December 1969, Namath went candid about his love life.

Namath recalled, that he used to be with multiple women after each championship. While the interviewer touched on his sex life and sexual conquests, Namath estimated the number at 300, which was by the time he finished college.

Despite a wild love life, Namath remained single following his divorce and proved to be a caring father to two of his daughters.

Wish him a successful life ahead of him. Stay with us to get more updates on his future affairs and relationships.