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Fox news Lisa Boothe: Know about her 'Face to Face' show and her career

Ashmita Karki Sat Feb, 2017
Fox news Lisa Boothe: Know about her 'Face to Face' show and her career

Face to Face show host Lisa Boothe is currently network contributor of the Fox News Channel. It hasn’t been long that Booth started working with the Fox News as she joined the network just in 2016. However, she has already impressed a lot of viewers by her amazing political analysis and commentary on Face to Face with Lisa Boothe show.

To know more about the career of Lisa Boothe please stay with us. We are going to provide you the in-depth analysis of her career.

Face to Face with Lisa Boothe

Boothe’s Face to Face show is one of the amazing shows of Fox News where she interviews leaders, entrepreneurs, businesspersons, lawmakers and so on. Till date, she has interviewed many personalities, some of which includes Rep. Adam Kinzinger. Ryan Zinke, Brian Babbin.

Lisa Boothe as a writer

Lisa Boothe is an inspiring lady who doesn’t just work for FNC but is also the president and founder of a political communications boutique and public affairs firm known as High Noon Strategies. She also works as The Washington Examiner’s writer. The way too talented Boothe marks the excellence in whatever she does.

Lisa Boothe career

She is a University of Tennesse-Knoxville graduate in B.A. in political science and government. Before working with Fox Network, Boothe has worked with WPA Research time as a member of its executive team.

She is the one who took part in political campaigns around the country and let the polling efforts. Besides, she has also worked for various senators, congressmen and Super PACs to lead their communication efforts.

Image: Lisa Boothe

Image: Lisa Boothe

Source: FamousStardom

She was the Senior Director of the Black Rock Group during the 2014 election. Huge credit to Fortune 500 company’s communication efforts goes to Boothe. When Dan Sullivan for U.S. Senate race was won by a consulting team, she was also a part of it. She also worked as Republican polling firm’s spokesperson.

During the 2012 election, Boothe worked for Sandy Adams and Tommy Thompson as their chief spokesperson. In 2010, she became a part of National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) team. Besides, Boothe also worked with Capitol Hill developing communications in the past as she worked for Sandy Adams, Mark Meadows, and Shelley Moore Capito as their representatives.

Lisa Boothe social life

This is how amazing Lisa Boothe’s career has been. She is a very inspiring lady who has worked really hard in her profession since the very beginning.

However, it is not that Booth’s life is filled with her work as she often posts amazing pictures with friends and family on her Instagram which makes us believe that she is also an outgoing person.



Such a blast celebrating @mcleanrobbins! #McandNick

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You surely need time for some fun and stuff besides your daily job and Boothe is exactly doing that. The vibrant, outgoing, compassionate person with a heart of gold, Boothe lives her life happily and we wish her all the very best for her future. Best of Luck Boothe!