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Home Gossip Is American YouTuber Keemstar Married? Who Is The Mother Of His Daughter? His Love Life

Is American YouTuber Keemstar Married? Who Is The Mother Of His Daughter? His Love Life

Sabina Gartaula Mon May, 2022
Is American YouTuber Keemstar Married? Who Is The Mother Of His Daughter? His Love Life

American-born YouTube personality Daniel M. Keem, professionally known as Keemstar, is best known for his YouTube channel DramaAlert which has over 4 million subscribers. To date, he has uploaded 891 videos on the channel which has accumulated over 872 million views and thus a huge net worth.

Born on 8th March 1983, the 40-year-old shook the world by revealing that he has a daughter. Here, we are going to share some information related to his girlfriend, daughter, and if he is married.

Is Keemstar Married? Who Is His Wife?

No, Keemstar is not married. Despite the fact that he has been rumored to have been married numerous times, he has addressed the rumors and revealed that he is not married. 

Meanwhile, he does have a girlfriend and has spoken about her a lot of times. But being a very controversial character in the YouTube community, he has kept details about his girlfriend a secret. 

CAPTION: Keemstar SOURCE: G Fuel

It seems Keemstar has been together with his mystery girlfriend for quite some time now as the first time he mentioned having a girlfriend was back in 2017

In a post, he wrote that his partner found an old disposable camera. The name and age of his girlfriend are unknown, and Keemstar also does not feature his beau in any of his videos or Instagram posts.

Watch Keemstar's latest video on YouTube.

The YouTube sensation is often questioned about his marital life, and he has replied about not being married numerous times via Twitter.

Once, he even shared his frustration on Twitter by asking why everyone asked him if he has a wife. 

He also quoted that marriage was for religious people and gold diggers. 

There are many other tweets that are very similar to this one. 

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Keemstar's Daughter: Who is The Mother?

Keemstar first mentioned that he has a daughter back in 2014 and revealed about his girlfriend only in 2017.

However, many assume that his current girlfriend is not the mother of his child, but instead, she was born in his previous relationship. This is both true and false at the same time. 

CAPTION: Keemstar with daughter Mia SOURCE: Pinterest

No, his current girlfriend is not the mother of his daughter, but she was also not born in his previous relationship. According to sources, Keemstar adopted his daughter Mia who is currently eight years old. 

In 2014, a Twitter user mocked the YouTuber's personality by telling him to take care of his family rather than using social media all the time. 

He aggressively replied to the user by sharing that his one child has more money in her bank account than his entire family's net worth. 

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The protective father has defended his family numerous times, but people just seem to love to mock him on social media.

Well, we wish him along with his child a happy life ahead.

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