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Home Gossip Garrett Warren has no girlfriend and is not dating after two divorces as third marriage unlikely

Garrett Warren has no girlfriend and is not dating after two divorces as third marriage unlikely

Rabina Koirala Thu Aug, 2022
Garrett Warren has no girlfriend and is not dating after two divorces as third marriage unlikely

Even for a stuntman in Hollywood, Garrett Warren is highly recognized. His work is highly admired, and thus, he has a lot of fans and followers. But unlike his success in the professional field, his personal life has been quite a roller coaster ride. He has been married twice and is the father of four children from those two marriages. And none of those marriages survived the test of time. The first one was a bigger disaster than anyone could have expected.

Image: Garrett Warren


Garrett's first wife attempted to kill him

X-Men stuntman Garrett was married to Claudia Haro in 1998. They gave birth to a daughter, Kayla. But a year into their marriage, problems arose and Garrett finally filed for a divorce in 1999 July. The divorce was finalized in 2000. Their daughter's shared custody was granted to the parents. All seemed to have ended well. But a month after the custody was finalized, a nightmare struck Garrett. He was shot four times by a paid hitman in his own apartment. He was shot in the right eye, hip, chest, and neck. He lost his right eye and is seen with an eyepatch most of the time.

Miraculously, Garrett survived the attack. A case was then filed for attempted murder, whose direct blame was set by Garrett on his ex-wife, Casino (1995) actress Claudia. But the initial investigation didn't find any connection to Claudia. So the case was cold for two full years. 

But two years later, the police found sufficient evidence against Claudia and she was arrested for attempted murder and conspiring to murder her husband for the second time. In 2005, she was sentenced to serve 12 years and 4 months in prison.

Then he had sole custody of his daughter, Kayla.

But even after his bitter first experience in the first marriage, Garrett didn't lose faith. He still believed in love.

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Shortly after his first divorce, Garrett met Isa.

The experience was indeed messy for Garrett, but soon after his divorce, Garrett found the pleasant company. He began dating Isa in 2001. Garrett and his girlfriend Isa married on December 31, 2002. And from their marriage, they have given birth to three beautiful children. And Isa shares an affectionate bond with her stepdaughter Kayla too. 

Kayla Warren recently graduated from high school and unlike many teenagers, she openly displays her love and admiration toward her father Garrett on social media.

Garrett CAPTION: Garrett Warren SOURCE: Instagram

Fans had thought that Garrett and Isa were set to stay together forever. But they were found to be mistaken. After sharing a married life for more than a decade, Garrett and Isa parted ways after a less-hyped divorce.

Garrett is not planning to get married for the third time.

 There are rumors of him dating a young lady by the name of Madison. They have shared numerous pictures of them having fun. But nothing has been confirmed as of yet. 

Garrett has been spending a lot of time with his infant son Gavin. And it is believed that Garrett is in no mood to settle down with someone so soon after his second divorce.

Garrett CAPTION: Garrett Warren SOURCE: Instagram

After two divorces, no one blames Garrett if he is trying to take it slow with the dating and relationship stuff. 

So, what do you think? Should Garrett go for it one more time? Or he should only stick to a casual relationship at most? Let us know in the comments below.

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