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Home Gossip George Lopez is single after his first divorce and step towards the mystery lady

George Lopez is single after his first divorce and step towards the mystery lady

Ashmita Karki Tue May, 2022
George Lopez is single after his first divorce and step towards the mystery lady

Comedian George Lopez is mostly renowned for his ABC sitcom George Lopez. 61 -year-old Mexican-American actor and comedian, George was married to his wife Ann Serrano. George and Ann's relationship defined intimate affection for each other as Serrano even donated a kidney to Lopez.

However, after 17 years of marriage, the husband-wife relationship broke down with a divorce, leaving the fans heartbroken. The former duos share a daughter. Well, George was spotted with a mysterious brunette lady even before his divorce was finalized. Isn’t it shocking? Let’s find out more about George's relationship, affairs, and current dating issues.

George Lopez's wife Ann Serrano: Marriage and Children

Well, in most relationships, boys are the first to express their love, however, in the case of George and Ann, it was the complete opposite.

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Following, Lopez and Serrano’s encounter in 1990, Serrano proposed to Lopez a few years later. The pair tied the knot on September 18, 1993. Though, the former couple has kept their wedding details undercover until now.

Image: George Lopez and Ann Serrano

Image: George Lopez and Ann Serrano

Source: Daily Mail

Serrano got the privilege to become a mother for the first and only time in 1996 as she gave birth to Lopez’s daughter Mayan. Also, in 2005, Lopez made headlines after she donated one kidney to her husband.

However, despite these facts and overwhelming love, the couple suffered a relationship breakdown.

George Lopez's ex-wife donated him a kidney

All the people who knew Lopez and Serrano believed that their relationship was solid and unbreakable. Serrano’s kidney donation to her then-husband came as a surprise in 2005.

Lopez wouldn’t be among us today if his wife hadn’t donated him her kidney during his life-saving surgery.

Image: George Lopez and Ann Serrano

Image: George Lopez and Ann Serrano

Source: Daily Mail

During an interview, Serrano told the reporters that George came from a very dysfunctional family and a horrific childhood.

That’s why accepting that someone could give him a gift of life was hard for him.  Moreover, Lopez also added that he cried, thanked, and told his Serrano that he loved her.

But everything was devasted after George and Ann ended their marriage relationship after 17 years of marriage.

George Lopez divorced Ann Serrano

Just when the fans thought things couldn’t go worse between the pair, on September 27, 2010, Lopez revealed that the pair decided to end their marriage.

His then-wife filed for divorce on November 23, 2010, which was finalized only on June 1, 2011.

‘Irreconcilable differences’ was the stated reason behind Lopez and Serrano’s divorce but they never exactly explained why they decided to split. There were rumors that Serrano’s alcohol problems created issues between the pair.

?Image: George Lopez with Ann Serrano and their daughter

Image: George Lopez with Ann Serrano and their daughter

Source: Hollywood

Despite the separation, the couple decided to keep their relationship friendly for the sake of their daughter.

But it's not the end as George Lopez was seen with a mysterious lady before his divorce was finalized. The issues also created the cheating allegation on Geroge Lopez, though the allegation was never defined.

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Is George Lopez Dating? Was Spotted with a mysterious Lady

Along with the firing rumors, Lopez was in a relationship with prostitutes as well. Even though Lopez hasn’t acknowledged such allegations but he was spotted walking with a mysterious lady after their dinner date in Los Angeles in January 2011.

Both of them looked happy, but Lopez’s lady date looked more cheered because of the attention she was getting.

Image: George Lopez and mystery brunette girl

Image: George Lopez and mystery brunette girl

Source: Daily Mail

However, after the incident, George Lope's love wave has silenced and no reports of his further relationship with the mysterious lady ever emerged.

Also, as of 2018, George Lopez is not reported to be dating or being married. Probably, he is taking a break from his love affairs or maybe he is in a secret relationship.

Meanwhile, Lopez's former wife Ann is also not reported to be dating. But no one can predict what the future might come up with.

Stay tuned.