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Home Gossip Is German-Russian Record Producer Zedd Dating Selena Gomez? What About His Ex-Girlfriends?

Is German-Russian Record Producer Zedd Dating Selena Gomez? What About His Ex-Girlfriends?

Blueprince Wed Jan, 2019
Is German-Russian Record Producer Zedd Dating Selena Gomez? What About His Ex-Girlfriends?

Anton Zaslavski, or professionally known by his alias name Zedd, is a 29 years old record producer whose single Clarity helped him gain immense stardom. Since his career breakthrough, the music producer, who belongs to the German-Russian ethnicity, has worked with many renowned American musicians like Ariana Grande.

Apart from the stardom as a successful musician, Zedd also made headlines back in 2015 as the love interest of musical sensation Selena Gomez. The article below elaborates their relationship and further deepens into Zedd's previous affairs and girlfriend.

Zedd and Selena Gomez's relationship

The German-Russian record producer came in contact with Selena Gomez in the January of 2015. Prior to that, the couple might have met each other in musical events but there's no record of it.

CAPTION: Selena Gomez coming up with German-Russian record producer DJ Zedd.
SOURCE: cosmopolitan

DJ Zedd, who has a good income, stated that he had taken a day off from work to renovate his new house, which was near his studio. He had sudden urge o use the bathroom for which he stepped inside his studio, and guess who he met? Selena Gomez.

The world came to know about their encounter when Selena took the liberty of posting the photo of hers and Zedd on her Instagram. The post was later deleted for undisclosed reasons.

CAPTION: German-Russian record producer, Zedd's Instagram post with Selena Gomez in bed. SOURCE: myspace

The gesture was repaid by Zedd and he too uploaded a photo, which was a hint that they were working on some musical project. Soon after a month, in February, the German-Russian producer posted another snap of Selena Gomez in bed with a caption referring to the best-selling 50 Shades of Grey.

Is Zedd dating Selena Gomez?

After their first meet in January, the couple started dating each other. They were spotted numerous times by the paparazzi. However, speculations were made that no matter how good, the German-Russian record producer would always remain as Selena's second, the first being Justin Beiber

The couple later broke up in mid-April, the reason for which are still unknown. In an interview with Diplo, Selena Gomez opened up saying that she adored Zedd and had a thing for him.

Some tabloids have been straightforward to say that their relationship was a marketing scheme to make record sales.

After the breakup, Zedd was rumored to be in a love affair with the American model Bryana Holly, after the individual's break up with drummer Ashton Irwin.

Selena Gomez has also moved on with her life and had a couple of affairs after the breakup, the most notable being her dating life with Canadian rapper, The Weeknd.

Zedd's ex-girlfriends

Prior to his relationship with Selena Gomez, the German-Russian record producer was in a relationship with actress Nina Dobrev. The funny thing is that Nina is also a former girlfriend of Selena Gomez as well.

Nina Dobrev is an eighteen-time Teen Choice Awards receiver who is best known for her appearance in the TV drama series The Vampire's Dairies.

Although Selena and Zedd are no longer with each other, we wish them the very best of luck for their love life in the coming future.

Quick facts about Zedd:

When did the German-Russian record producer meet Selena Gomez?

Zedd and Selena first met at a recording studio in the January of 2015.

Are Selena Gomez and Zedd still dating?

The couple called it quits after three months of their love relationship.

Who is Zedd's ex-girlfriend?

Prior to meeting Selena Gomez, Zedd was is in a relationship with Nina Dobrev.

What is Zedd's age?

As of 2019, she is 29 years old. She was born on September 2, 1989.