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Home Gossip Gina Carano Finds New Boyfriend Kevin Ross After Split With Henry Cavill, Past Affairs, Relationship

Gina Carano Finds New Boyfriend Kevin Ross After Split With Henry Cavill, Past Affairs, Relationship

Mahammad Arsad shekh Thu Mar, 2017
Gina Carano Finds New Boyfriend Kevin Ross After Split With Henry Cavill, Past Affairs, Relationship

The news regarding the personal life of the former UFC fighter who turned into her career into acting, Gina Carano has nowadays considerably gained wide attention and curiosity by millions of fans. Gina Carano revealed that she's officially back in a relationship with a kickboxing star after over a year of her break up with Henry Cavill.

Is it true that she is really dating the kickboxing star? If yes, then who is he? Along with these, there arise a lot of questions regarding Gina Carano's personal life and we know, as a fan you must be wondering to be answered all the queries. Don't worry, we are here with all the information related to Gina's private pieces of stuff. Just stay with us.

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Gina Carano revealed Dating a Kickboxing Star Kevin Ross after the breakup with her ex-boyfriend

It's passed over a year when Gina Carano, a big movie star with a role in the upcoming Deadpool, split up with her ex-boyfriend Henry Cavill and now she is again found to have an affair as she announced her relationship with a kickboxing star Kevin Ross on her Instagram page, saying she finally felt comfortable sharing the news after they kept it quiet for six months.

Instagram: Gina Carano posted her kissing picture with the kickboxing star Kevin Cavill


I've been debating on whether or not to post this is as I hardly ever, ok never, post anything about my personal life but I just can't keep it contained anymore. We've kept things under wraps as to not want to invite the entire world into our relationship, although I think it's been pretty evident that we are back together. So happy 6 month anniversary to my beautiful angel @ginajcarano For those of you that don't know we dated for 4 years, were broken up for a decade then got back together on the 14th anniversary of the day we met. Awww I know, heart warming isn't it ?? Gina is not only the reason I'm even doing what I am but literally the reason that I'm even alive and walking around still. You are my inspiration, my best friend, my everything!!! OK, enough mushy stuff, you may now return to your regularly scheduled programing of face punching and blood #claimed ??

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Gina and Kevin started dating each other several years ago as she has mentioned in the above Instagram picture. You might be thinking that how this loving chemistry began?

Let you know that 35 years aged Gina is a former kickboxer from Pennsylvania and Kevin was her trainer in Las Vegas. There they first met as Carano has attended her high school and college in the same city.

Gina Carano with her new boyfriend Kevin Ross

Gina Carano with her new boyfriend Kevin Ross

Source: Pinterest

After so many years, Kevin got Gina into kickboxing and after spending some time together, they subsequently started dating each other. Carano has not fought since 2009. Instead, she has established herself in a very successful position in the film industry, which also led to her dating Man of Steel star Henry Cavill prior to her relationship with Kevin Ross.You must be wondering to know how Gina split up with Henry? We are here people, don't you worry.

Gina Carano with her ex-boyfriennd Henry Cavill

Gina Carano with her ex-boyfriend Henry Cavill

Source: Dailymail

Gina Carano and Henry Cavill first started dating in September 2012, shortly after Henry ended his engagement to showjumper Ellen Whitaker.

They were inseparable for all until they split with each other in May but over the 10 days of their separation, the pairs were spotted gallivanting around Los Angeles on various romantic outings.

Their relationship seemed to be really cute as it was full of joy and they were enjoying a lot together. This video clearly shows how joyful their days were when they were together.

Both Gina and Henry were busy professionally over the next couple of years and suddenly news came out that the couple again split up with each other, no one knows why this cute couple broke up.

And it's been about two years since Gina Carano's involvement with the Kickboxing star Kevin Ross in the love relationship. They seem to have a great time together and are living happily together. We hope their relationship gets strong enough to get married.

We wish them all the very best for their future.

Quick Summary

Is Gina Carano married?

She is not married but there are rumors that she was engaged to her ex-boyfriend Henry Cavill.

What is Gina Carano's net worth?

As of 2019, her net worth is $8 million dollars.