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Home Gossip Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo is in Relationship with Sandra Lee After Divorce from Kerry

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo is in Relationship with Sandra Lee After Divorce from Kerry

Sabina Gartaula Mon Nov, 2017
Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo is in Relationship with Sandra Lee After Divorce from Kerry

Andrew Mark Cuomo is an American author, politician and an attorney born in Queens, New York. Since 1st Jan 2011, Andrew has served as the 56th Governor of New York. Andrew followed his father's footsteps and held the same position as his father Mario Cuomo held from 1983 to 1995. 

The 60-year-old governor is a member of the Democratic Party and started his career in politics by working as a campaign manager for his father. Furthermore, before becoming a private attorney, he worked as an assistant district attorney. The man is also a hero for the LGBT community as he signed the legislation for same-sex marriage on 24th June 2011. 

Andrew Cuomo Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

Source: Business Insider

Andrew's marriage might be among the most talked about marriages in history. His marriage was a rollercoaster. Let's talk about his marriage, divorce and relationships. 

Andrew Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy: marriage and divorce

Andrew was previously married to the seventh child of Robert F. Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy. Proposing Kerry was a huge deal for Andrew as she was from a prosperous family with a respected political background. 

In 1990, on Valentine's day, Andrew proposed Kerry. But before that, he thought about it a lot and even asked people their opinions. Kerry accepted his proposal and their engagement was announced in February of the same year.

Andrew started planning their wedding like he planned a political campaign. The pair got married on June 9, 1990, at St. Matthew's Cathedral located in Washington, D.C. The marriage was no less than a royal wedding. As mentioned by sources, the two were not just close but they were very understanding and had a strong bond.  

Kerry and Andrew Wedding

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Despite the bond, Andrew was very insecure and hated it and felt like the outsider during her gathering when Kerry started talking to her exes.

However, they made the relationship work and gave birth to their twin daughters Cara Ethel Kennedy-Cuomo and Mariah Matilda Kennedy-Cuomo on 11th January 1995. This followed by their third daughter Michaela Andrea Kennedy-Cuomo on 26th August 1997

Andrew with girlfriend Sandra and daughters

Source: NY Daily News

Despite their love, Kerry was all set to file a divorce in 2001. She did not do so after Andrew talked respectfully about the Kennedys at a campaign. Nevertheless, Kerry was proud of him and knew that he would be a great governor. Her problems with him were entirely personal and nothing to do with anything else.  

Even though Kerry tried to do her best and make the marriage last, she finally demanded a divorce on 11th September 2002. They separated in 2003 and has their divorce finalized in 2005

Andrew has even written book titled The Contender: Andrew Cuomo, a Biography in which he talks about his life and marriage with his lovely ex-wife Kerry Kennedy. 

Andre's current relationship with Sandra Lee

After his divorce with Kerry, governer Andrew started dating celebrity chef Sandra Lee in the year 2005. The two have since been together and have been spotted together on numerous occasions. 

Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo


The two are very close. 49-year-old Sandra, who is a breast cancer survivor, claimed that during her treatment Andrew was a huge supporter for her.