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Home Gossip After divorcing Maui Chapman, Leland Chapman dated Lynette Yi; Are they still together?

After divorcing Maui Chapman, Leland Chapman dated Lynette Yi; Are they still together?

Ashmita Karki Thu Nov, 2022
After divorcing Maui Chapman, Leland Chapman dated Lynette Yi; Are they still together?

The handsome hunk, American bail bondsman, and bounty hunter Leland Blaine Chapman is the topic of our discussion today. After having a long-term affair with his previous girlfriend, Maui Chapman, the couple married and divorced. What happened?


After the divorce from Maui, Leland started dating Lynette Yi. Today, on deck, we will be talking about Leland Chapman's personal life, including his married life, dating history, children, and more:

Leland Chapman's married life wife, Maui Chapman

46- years old, Leland Chapman married Maui Chapman after dating for several years. The pair tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony back in 1995.

Sadly, even after being married for ten years, Leland Chapman and Maui Chapman could not save their marriage. Sadly, the couple ended their married life by getting divorced on 21 April 2005. It is rumored that Leland’s prison stay was one of the main reasons Maui left him. Maui Chapman said she didn’t want to be involved with him. Another reason behind their separation was Leland Chapman's extra-marital affair.

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Leland Chapman and Maui Chapman's children

Leland Chapman is the father of two children; two sons with Maui Chapman, Dakota Chapman, and Cobie Chapman. After the couple's separation, Maui Chapman got custody of their children.

After his divorce from Maui, Leland’s name has been linked with many women. However, the one highlighted was with his girlfriend, Lynette Yi. There are no details on whether Leland Chapman is married to Lynette or just dating. There is no evidence of their marital relationship or how close they are to the relationship.

According to the rumors, Leland Chapman was in a relationship with Lynette Yi before his marriage ended, which might be a reason for their divorce. But, there is no strong evidence regarding this. However, Leland and Lynette had a daughter together in 2010, Leiah Breanna Chapman, who is eight years old.  

Leland Chapman with his third child, daughter Leiah Breanna Chapman

Leland Chapman with his third child from Lynette Yi, daughter Leiah Breanna Chapman  

Source: Pinterest

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Are Leland Chapman and Lynette still together?

All of you might be wondering if Leland Chapman and Lynette Yi are still together after all these years. Leland has been successful in keeping his relationship with Lynette a secret. Hence, it seems he still doesn’t want to disclose anything associated with Lynette Yi except their daughter.

However, according to Lynette's Instagram profile, we discovered that Lynette is dating a former adult film actor Jason Ridge. Hence, we can confirm that Leland Chapman and Lynette Yi aren't together anymore.

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Leland Chapman's Bio

Leland was born to La Fonda Sue Honeycutt and Duane Chapman as Leland Blaine Chapman on December 14, 1976, in Texas, the United States. His father, Duane Chapman, is an American bounty hunter and a former bail bondsman. Leland Chapman is also the stepson of Beth Chapman.

He was sent to jail for first-degree murder when Leland Chapman was just seven years of age. Leland’s parents divorced on 27th October 1977, when his father was in prison.

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