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Home Gossip HGTV's Bryan Baeumler married to wife Sarah since 2004 with 4 kids. No divorce

HGTV's Bryan Baeumler married to wife Sarah since 2004 with 4 kids. No divorce

Ashmita Karki Sun Nov, 2022
HGTV's Bryan Baeumler married to wife Sarah since 2004 with 4 kids. No divorce

Canadian host Bryan Baeumler is a renowned face of HGTV. Bryan is married to Sarah Baeumler who is Bryan’s co-host. Bryan and Sarah’s profession is as matching as their heart. They live together with their 4 kids. Their married life is going well without any divorce rumors.

Bryan Baeumler and Sarah Baeumler's marriage

Bryan and Sarah tied the knot on 3rd September 2004. Sarah and Bryan have already spent 18 amazing years as husband and wife. However, it will be unfair if we count their love in years. They are together because of the understanding and strong bond between them.

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Bryan Baeumler and Sarah Baeumler's kids

Sarah has four amazing children with Bryan.  Among them 2 of them are sons and 2 are daughters. Their sons are Quintyn Werner and Lincoln Wolfgang. Similarly, Charlotte Anne and Josephine Judith are their angelic daughters. All of Bryan’s kids are growing up with much love and care from both their parents. They often appear in the ‘House of Bryan’ show along with their parents.

Image: Bryan Baeumler with his wife Sarah Baeumler and their 4 kids

Bryan Baeumler's wife Sarah Baeumler's love for her kids

Bryan’s wife Sarah is attached to her kids very much. During an interview with ‘Vancouvermom’, she said:
“There is no person in the world better at balancing the chaos that life throws at you than a mother.  Somewhere in between late-night feedings, constant diaper changes, permanent exhaustion, and the most amazing love you can ever imagine….lies a mother that has perfected multi-tasking.  With a baby perched on your hip, a basket of laundry in your opposite hand, a telephone under your chin, and a toddler clinging to your leg….a mother magically manages to juggle it.  I must admit, I have bought cookies from a local bakery and passed them off as my own, I have sent my kids to school with a lunchbox full of takeout leftovers, and prayed that our newborn would sleep for 10 more minutes so that I could finish one last email….but I’m honored to be a Mom.”

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Bryan Baeumler and Sarah Baeumler's relationship is strong

Despite being a parent to 4 kids, Bryan and Sarah have maintained their relationship very well. They manage to take time for each other out of their busy schedule. When asked about her relationship with Bryan, Sarah said:
"Bryan by saying, Bryan and I have always been adamant about teaching our children that Mommy and Daddy need time to be adults and friends to one another.  When you have children you spend years dedicating every ounce of your time and energy to their well-being.  But we have always told our children that we need to put time and love into our friendship.  We don’t ever take 2 weeks to vacation alone together, but rather we try to make the most of a night up at our cottage or travel together for business when we can.  We are not big on ‘date night’ — possibly because we can never find a sitter for our brood!  So we try to take advantage of the day-to-day moments we have together."

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Bryan has always been faithful to his wife. Thus he never had any girlfriend post his marriage and never cheated on his wife. Thus there are no rumors of divorce between this heavenly couple.

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