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Home Gossip How Is American Filmmaker Max Joseph's Married Life With Wife Priscila Joseph? Gay Rumors?

How Is American Filmmaker Max Joseph's Married Life With Wife Priscila Joseph? Gay Rumors?

Sabina Gartaula Mon Jun, 2022
How Is American Filmmaker Max Joseph's Married Life With Wife Priscila Joseph? Gay Rumors?

H. Maxwell Joseph, professionally known as Max Joseph, is an American-born filmmaker and TV host currently married to his wife, Priscila Joseph. While they have been married for quite some time now, very little is known when it comes to his personal life.

Born on 16th Jan 1982, the 40 -year-old is best known for co-starring in the famous reality TV show Catfish alongside Nev Schulman

Keeping his professional life aside, here we are going to talk about his marital life with his wife Priscila Joseph and his gay rumors.

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Max Joseph's Romantic Marital Life With Wife Priscila Joseph

Max Joseph is currently married to his wife Priscila Joseph who is reported to be a Brazilian fashion blogger who is very successful in her career. 

Moreover, Joseph is a very confidential person and he had not revealed any details about how he met his wife or when they started dating. But according to sources, they dated for a few years before tying the knot. Likewise, details about his marriage are also a mystery. His marriage date is unknown. 

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However, taking a closer look at his Instagram, on 6th Jan 2018, he uploaded a picture of himself and his wife and wished his wife on their 6th marriage anniversary. This means that the duo got married to each other on 6th Jan 2012.

It has been six long years since they tied the knot yet their marriage is very loving and involves a lot of romance. We are not just saying this because their romantic marriage is quite apparent once you look at their Instagram. 

Both of them love to share pictures of each other during their getaway and regular days with their followers. They seem to go almost everywhere together including numerous public events. 

And their romantic marriage is not just for show as there are no rumors about them splitting or getting a divorce. Likewise, there are also no rumors about an extramarital affair which is fantastic. 

Max Joseph's Gay Rumors

While Max Joseph is a married man and has an adorable relationship with his wife, many rumors are surrounding the filmmaker's sexuality. Many assume that he is gay, but he is not. 

The massive rumors might be because Joseph is very confidential about his marriage and also does not have any children. 

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Likewise, he and his Catfish cast member Nev also have numerous gay moments on the show which made people assume that he is gay. 

Watch what Max and Nev have to say about their relationships. 

Nonetheless, he is straight and is in a very stable marital relationship with his wife Priscila Joseph.

Max Joseph's Past Affairs & Girlfriends

As far as Max's past affairs and relationships are concerned, the filmmaker does not seem to have revealed the name of any of them. 

Apart from her relationship with his wife Priscilla, the filmmaker has not been reported dating anyone. As of now, she is totally committed to his wife.

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