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Home Gossip How Much is Lisa LaFlamme's Net Worth? Know about her Salary, Career, Awards

How Much is Lisa LaFlamme's Net Worth? Know about her Salary, Career, Awards

Himadri Hamal Thu Aug, 2017
How Much is Lisa LaFlamme's Net Worth? Know about her Salary, Career, Awards

53-year-old Canadian journalist Lisa Laflamme has been working as the chief anchor and senior editor of CTV National News since September 5, 2011, when she replaced Lloyd Robertson. Lisa has been a popular figure in her native Canada for quite sometime.

Given her absolute dedication to the job and the enormous appeal she has garnered, we can say that Lisa is quite rich.  But how much is her networth? Scroll down to be inspired as we bring you a story behind Lisa's net worth and successful career on today's column.

Lisa Laflamme's salary and net worth

Lisa Laflamme seems to be doing great in her career as a super-spirited journalist at CTV where she joined in 2003 and started out as a National Affairs Correspondent and also appeared on CTV National  News with Lloyd Robertson. She subsequently became a full-time anchor of CTV National News before being appointed to the current position.

Popular Canadian journalist Lisa Laflamme works for CTV

Fourteen long years into the same profession and in the same channel means she loves what she does and the post she holds is well deserved. Until now, Lisa has interviewed numerous notable figures, from the Stephen Harper to British royalty. She has also covered some of the most important incidents in recent memory, including the daring coverage of the Haiti Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, 9-11 attack and the shocking news about the demise of Pope Francis.

Lisa seems to be fully focused on her profession. Whenever we think of an independent and successful working woman, Lisa Laflamme's name strikes first in almost everyone's mind. And it's right because Lisa LaFlamme's net worth is thought to be over a million dollars.

but that's just a speculation, nobody knows for sure of Lisa's actual net worth. Though we know that Lisa's annual salary is somewhere around $300,000 to $350,000. This does not include the extra allowances she receives while going out on assignments to cover important events.  

Lisa Laflamme: A small account of all the awards she has achieved

Lisa Laflamme is one of the leading examples of working, independent and successful woman. She has been awarded the title of the most popular TV journalist news anchor in Canada.

She has bagged the prestigious Canadian Screen Awards for Best National Newscast and Best News Anchor, which is every journalist's dream.

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Canadian journalist Lisa Laflamme has won a number of awards

Lisa Laflamme is doing great in her career 



Lisa is mostly available on Twitter: Lisa has her own Twitter account

Lisa can be found using her Twitter account to interact with her fans. She is found updating her tweets on a regular basis. Moreover, she has more than 2500 followers on her Twitter account, and her followers are increasing day after day.

Canadian journlist Lisa Laflamme is an avid Twitter user.

Lisa is frequently found using Twitter as Lisa is active Twitter user

Source: pbs.twimg

No wonder, many people look up to Lisa as an inspiration for the upcoming generation. She has broken the myth that woman can’t make it to the top alone. Keep going, Lisa.