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Home Gossip Ian Alexander Sr. Marriage & Divorce With Regina King: Their Love Life At Present And Children

Ian Alexander Sr. Marriage & Divorce With Regina King: Their Love Life At Present And Children

Blueprince Sun Apr, 2023
Ian Alexander Sr. Marriage & Divorce With Regina King: Their Love Life At Present And Children

Ian Alexander Sr. is a former American actor who is well known for being the ex-husband of American actress Regina King. She has appeared in many popular TV shows and movies like New York Undercover and 227.

Regina King and Ian Alexander Sr. had once been together for almost ten years and also had a son named Ian Alexander Jr. But after their separation, not much is heard of him and of his personal life. Is he dating anyone now? Has he married again? Scroll down for answers.

Ian Alexander Sr. and Regina King Married Life, Divorce, and Son

Ian Alexander Sr. is a small-time actor, whose life came into the spotlight after he started dating Regina King. The couple dated for almost three years until finally getting engaged in 1997. Ian and Regina married the same year on April 23rd.

Ian Alexander Sr with his once-married wife Regina King.
SOURCE: affairpost

The former couple Ian and Regina kept their married life a private one and didn't speak much about their relationship during interviews. We are not sure as to whether Ian Alexander Sr and Regina Hall were happy with their married life.

The media only got to know about them after Ian and Regina's relationship started getting sour.

Ian Alexander and Regina King's divorce

Nothing was known about Ian and Regina's married life until infidelity claims on the husband Ian Alexander Sr. started making rounds in the year 2006.

Regina King blamed Ian Alexander Sr. for having an affair with another woman. She further accused him of domestic violence. Regina stated that it was Ian Alexander's reckless attitude that led to their divorce. According to her, Ian was also doing drugs during the time of their relationship.

Meet Ian Alexander Sr. and Regina King's Son Ian Alexander Jr.

Ian and Regina's son Ian Alexander Jr. was born in the year 1996, a year before his parent's marriage. Ian Alexander Jr's birth was the main reason that led to the couple's engagement and hence marriage.

The ex-married couple Ian and Regina feared that questions would be raised against them and against their son, which persuaded them to get married.

Ian Alexander Sr with his once-married wife Regina King and son, Ian Alexander Jr.
SOURCE: affairpost

After the divorce, Regina King, who has worked with actors like Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco, won the custody of her son, while her husband Ian Alexander Sr. was granted limited visiting rights. Ian Alexander Jr. matches all the facial features of his father.

The relationship between the father-son is not much known, while he is quite close to his mother and has been spotted in many photos.

Is Ian Alexander Sr. dating anyone?

After his divorce from actress Regina King, Ian Alexander Sr. went underground and nothing much has been heard of him. His acting career also went along with him and the actor hasn't acted in any films since his separation from his once-wife Regina Hill.

Despite Regina King's accusation about Ian Alexander Sr.'s infidelity, he has not been spotted in public with his so-called mistress. Thus, the claims remain yet unproven.

Ian's wife Regina Hall is, however, in a relationship with actor Malcolm Jamal Warner. The couple met in 2008 and currently resides together in Los Angeles. They have not decided on starting a family, so married life with Malcolm is still a long shot for Regina Hall.


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