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Home Gossip Income Source and Properties of Former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key? What is his Net Worth?

Income Source and Properties of Former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key? What is his Net Worth?

Sabina Gartaula Sun Feb, 2018
Income Source and Properties of Former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key? What is his Net Worth?

Sir John Phillip Key, professionally known as John Key, is a New Zealand-born politician. He is best recognized as the 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand and also the leader of the New Zealand National Party. He served as the Prime Minister of New Zealand from November of 2008 and resigned for the post along with the post as of the leader of the New Zealand National Party back in December of 2016. Some of the other posts in which Key has served in are: Leader of the Opposition, Chair of the International Democrat Union, and member of the NewZealand Parliament for Helensville

The 56-year-old was born in Auckland, New Zealand, on 9th August 1961 to father, Georgy Key, and mother, Ruth Key. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting from Harvard University and also has met the former US President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama. Moreover, at the moment he is one of the richest people in NewZealand. He has an estimated 2018 net worth of NZD65 million.

John Key

John Key is among the richest people in his country New Zealand 

Source: Radio New Zealand

Here we are going to share with you some information about the former New Zealand prime minister's net worth, salary, earnings, and properties. 

John Key net worth, salary, and earnings

As of 2018, John Key, who is currently married to his high school sweetheart Bronagh Irene Dougan, has an estimated net worth of NZD65 million which is around USD46.90 million. Back in 2008, as reported by National Business Review, he has an estimated net worth of NZD50 million, which is around USD36 million. Moreover, as of 2016, his net worth was estimated NZD60 million which is equal to USD43.26 million.

John Key with his family

John Key with his family


In 2012, Key was appointed as the chairman of ANZ Bank and his salary there, according to sources, was NZD97,500 per annum. Moreover, after resigning from his position as a prime minister, he is back in his post as the chairman of the bank. Sources have claimed that his annual income from the bank in the year 2018 will be somewhere around NZD200,000. 

At the moment, the major source of income is through his position of chairman at ANZ Bank, but his former positions can also be considered as one of them.

John Key Properties: Cars and Houses

According to NBR, John owns numerous properties spread throughout Auckland, London, Colorado, Aspen and Hawaii. Back in 2014, his net worth made a massive jump of $5 million because the property values in the Auckland area had double-digit growth. 

Moreover, last year in September of 2017, the former Prime Minister sold in mansion based in the Auckland suburb of Parnell for an estimated NZD20 million. The mansion, which covered 25187.55 sq ft, featured six bedrooms, a gorgeous pool and a tennis court. The Keys had purchased the house back in 2002. They are believed to still own a small portion of the property's land worth NZD4 million. 

John Key Auckland suburb of Parnell mansion

John Key's mansion in Auckland's Parnell suburb

Source: Stuff

Not long after selling the mansion, it was reported that the family would build a 2421 sq ft house in 6329 sq ft land beside the house they had just sold.  

The Hawaii property that Key owns is said to be worth a staggering NZD5.6 million. The holiday home features a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocen and the Wailea Beach. It has three bedrooms. Moreover, he also owns another property worth NZD3 million in Omaha Beach. 

John Key Hawaii House

John Key's Hawaii House

Source: NZ Herald

Moving on to cars, Key's official Crown BMW was sold at an auction for $65,400 in 2011. He also owns a Mercedes C320 and a Bentley Continental GT Coupe which he bought in mid-2017. It has a starting price of more than 200,000 US dollar. His son, Max, has also been spotted driving around in his white Lambhorgini.