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Home Gossip Interesting fact about Lidia Bastianich, who is she dating now? her affairs and boyfriends

Interesting fact about Lidia Bastianich, who is she dating now? her affairs and boyfriends

Richa Tue Nov, 2021

There are many lists of the interesting fact about Lidia and people are more get to know about it. The full name of Lidia is Lidia Matticchio Bastianich and she is an Italian. Being popular as an American celebrity chef she owns her own restaurant. More than this her styles and strategies within culinary art have grabbed the attention and attraction among and across the people. Also being a wonder television presenter she has been capable enough to win the heart of millions of her fans. One of the most interesting facts about Lidia is she has been collaborating with her daughter in the restaurant and hotel industry whose name is Tanya Bastianich.

Currently, she is living with her mother in Queens New York and this family has their own restaurant. The name of Lidia's mother is Erminia Motika and they have also the stage made for their 4 television series. Still, the personal life of Lidia is a private one. Lidia has been committed with her married life and there seems no divorce among and across with her spouse. Still, during her early days, there was no person whom she dictated as her affair. Now, she is busy working out for the proper net worth for her better living.

Lidia is a very forward person by her real nature and she is very friendly as well. She has never faced any rumor or controversy in her life this might also be the reason why she has a perfect image in the media. The interesting fact about Lidia is she was targeted by a boy to make him as her boyfriend but she slapped the boy in public which was very embarrassing. Later, she went and said sorry to him and now they are very good friends of each other as a family friend.